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Things Every Newlywed Needs to do Before Having Kids

Children are beautiful gifts from God. However, parenthood should be planned. This is because children require a lot of care and attention. Also, first-time parents should be in the right state of mind to understand the responsibility of having and raising a good kid.
So as a newlywed couple, there are some certain things you should do before having children.

-      Get to know each other better

Popular Excuses given To Avoid Getting Married

Your mid-twenties are when you’re considered to be in your prime, the best years of your life where you look good and feel good. At this time, you are probably scheming the next big move that will advance your career while also making sure your hair, skin and nails are on fleek! Then the inevitable questions start to pop up: “When are you getting married?” or “When are we seeing him?”.

When Love Gets Twisted

All thanks to reading romantic novels and watching lots of "love movies", we fell in love with the idea of “love”. The mass media has also helped in painting a misleading picture of what love ought to be.

Most times, the picture of love portrayed is just rooted in obsession, lust, and infatuation. As a result of this, we grow up with some wrong idea of what love is.

6 Marriage Proposal Ruiners To Avoid

As a woman, sometimes you can tell if something fishy is going on with your lover because of his incessant actions and evident uneasiness. Chances are that he’s planning something out of the ordinary and you could potentially offset his plan through your words, actions or lack of it.
Here are six ways through which you could potentially ruin your significant other’s marriage proposal:

A dream wedding ring

6 Ways to Find Your Dream Man

Every girl wishes to end up with her dream man. For this to happen, you either have to find him or be found by him. There are few things to do to make this happen. Some of which are:

1.    Be at the right place.
This could be different for everyone but basically, if you have an idea of the kind of events or places you think you can come across your dream man, why not be there?. Places like restaurants, book clubs, gym, swim classes, conferences and social events. You just may be discovered by your dream man in some of these places.

Other Ways to Show Love to Your Spouse Without Saying "I Love You"

Like the saying goes “actions speak louder than words”. Love is beyond just saying the three magic words which are “I love you”. You also have to prove your words by showing how much you love your spouse and this is also very important. Showing your affection will help remove every iota of doubt your spouse may have about your relationship or marriage.
Below are ways to show love to your spouse without saying it.

-    Lend a helping hand

5 Unique Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

Welcome to the party of gift-givers! If you are new to the club, pat yourself on the back and be proud for making your friends smile with carefully curated gifts that are meaningful. When giving gifts to particular friends, be intentional about the purpose of that gift and not just because you feel obliged to expand their shoe collection. Bridal showers present great opportunities to give ladies gifts that they will find useful in their new married life or use as an escape or means of aiding a hobby.
Here are five unique bridal shower gift ideas:

Tips to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Photograper

If your turn-up game is tight, you should love weddings. Weddings are beautiful and fun occasions that most people look forward to.  It is a day filled with wonderful moments that you would love to keep the memories alive.
One of the best ways to document your wedding is to take pictures. It is important you consider these tips before hiring a photographer to capture your big day.

1.    Do your research

Some Wedding Traditions… Explained!

Most people have been able to attend weddings or even get married and go through every tradition without really knowing why they perform certain rites. How much do you really know about weddings and being a bride? If you are reading this article, you are in luck because it’s your chance to learn about the origin of some popular wedding traditions!
Here are a few wedding traditions explained:

Kissing the bride

How T0 Measure Your Ring Size At Home

Ever wondered about your ring size? You would not believe how easy it is to measure your ring size accurately, in just a few minutes, in the comfort of your home. We can think of several ways you can put this knowledge to good use:

1.    Tell all your friends your ring size and tell them they better help out your significant other (now or in the future) when he’s going ring-shopping. Might as well tell them the kind of ring you like while you’re at it.