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Real Wedding: Folake & Ademola - A Classy Peach Affair

Folake and Ademola tied the knot recently in Lagos with the colours peach, gold and navy blue certain the tone for the day.

5 Things to Do with Your Spouse before Having Kids

Marriage does not necessarily have to start with children immediately.
Before having kids, you need to get to understand one another first and be
responsible for each other. If you have this all figured out from the
beginning of your marriage, great. But if you’re one of the couples that
want to wait a while before having babies, here’s what you should do with
that time:

Set Goals and Expectations

8 Step Guide To Having An Interfaith Wedding

Interfaith marriages are legal in Nigeria. However, couples often face resistance and hostility, both from family members and religious leaders. Occasionally both Muslims and Christians feel pressure to convert to another's faith in order to avoid fallouts and possible conflict in the future. Those with experience of inter-faith marriages say couples often face a variety of difficulties. In Islam, men are allowed to marry "people of the book", Christians and Jews. But Muslim women are not allowed to marry outside their faith.

#SugarStyleFaceoff: Magenta Rush

When we spotted these beauties on Instagram, we couldn't help but do a Sugar Style Faceoff.

Men Taking Their Wives' Last Names

Have you ever wondered why a man would take on his wife’s last name?
Although it’s not common in this part of the world, it is happening in parts of the world.
There are lots of reasons why men take their wives’ last names:

Marrying a Woman with Kids

In this case, the man may settle for changing his last name just to avoid
the stress of changing the rest of the family’s names; this
especially applies to big families or families with lots of history.

Unique Wedding Souvenirs We Love

Wedding souvenirs or wedding favours are an exciting part of the occasion.
They’re a gift from the couple to say thank you to the guests and to serve

Coloured Hair Inspiration for Brides

Many brides want to wear their blonde, red, purple, copper, etc. hair on
their wedding day. Dyed hair can turn out stunning in wedding hairstyles.

Traditional Wedding Feature: Dancer, Jen Ngozi performs at her Igbankwu!

Our traditional wedding feature this month is one of our favourites so far.
Jen Ngozi is a dancer and choreographer who lit up her own traditional

Facial and Body Hair Removal Methods for Brides

Before getting married, hair removal is a must. Do you plan to take off all
the hair on your body or just focus on some KEY areas? Its every bride’s
goal to have skin as fresh as a baby’s bottom on her wedding day. Here are
different hair removal methods that can be used for brides, focusing on the
face and body:


Focus Area: Brows, upper lip, limbs, bikini area

Wedding Dresses by Nigerian Designers for 2018

Nigerian designers have made some of the most beautiful wedding dresses we
have seen. We can boldly say that Nigerian designers make world-class

Top Places for a Romantic Getaway in Port Harcourt

Port Harcourt is one of the growing cities in Nigeria. It is popularly
known as the oil-rich city In Nigeria, and the city has some beautiful

Pre-wedding looks from January 2018 + GIVEAWAY from Klala Photography!

Welcome to the month of February! We’ve been looking at beautiful
pre-wedding looks from January and we are so excited for all the beautiful

Fun Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day If You Are Single

Valentine’s is that time of the year when singles know there will be no
cake or chocolates, and even the sight of strawberries reminds you of being