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Ways to Mend a Broken Relationship


Etiquette Guide for WhatsApp Wedding Group

WhatsApp is an effective social media tool used by virtually everyone to communicate. Bride to be and Groom to be has taken advantage of this social media tool for their wedding planning process. They create a WhatsApp group days, weeks or months before their wedding day to help communicate effectively with their different wedding vendors, bridesmaids, and groomsmen, etc.

How to Convince Both Your Large Families to have a Small Wedding

Small weddings never really happen for most people in this part of the world, and that term "small" already can cause anger/chaos/misunderstanding and much more between the couple to be and their parents especially if they can afford to throw the biggest wedding.


However, some people just want a very intimate wedding, and that means they do not want everyone from their village/town to attend. Hahaha [Of course, without causing drama and getting the parents unhappy].


So, here are few ways to convince your families to have a small wedding:


Ways To Build Trust In A Long Distance Relationship

Long distance relationship can be quite difficult to maintain. It takes a lot of good factors to help maintain a long distance relationship. One of those important factors is Trust.
The importance of trust in a long distance relationship cannot be overemphasized. Due to this reality, it is imperative that couples should always look for ways to build trust in a long distance relationship. Here are ways to build trust in a long distance relationship.

1.    Always Communicate

Media Personality, Oscar Oyinsan Shares Secrets to a Successful Marriage to Commemorate his 5th Wedding Anniversary

"Where do I begin? (You might want to pull up a chair for this if you want to know to secret to a lasting marriage/relationship). This Wooden Anniversary message (yep!

Is it Okay to Propose at Someone's Wedding


This is quite deep, and we must think about it from the perspective of the couple and maybe as the couple.

Firstly, if you would even want to nurse this thought; you must be one of the couple's closest friends and most likely on their bridal/groom's train if they are having one. Or maybe a very close relative. If you do not have a close relationship with the couple and you are not sure how they will react, don't do it.
However, if you are close to them; I think you should run it by either party before the day; so, you know if they wouldn't mind.

Is Online Dating an Option in Nigeria

There are quite a number of online dating apps in Nigeria, and there are even some particularly for certain religions.
Online dating or Internet dating, is a system where individuals can connect and contact each other to arrange a date, usually hoping it will lead to a profitable romantic relationship.
Some basic facts about online dating are:

Weird Wedding Facts: The Crying Wedding

Weddings are happy times that are meant to bring joy, laughter, and tears among the family and friends of the couple. However, the true meaning behind the expression "tears of joy" can be subjective across different parts of the world.

6 Relationship Spoilers You Should Avoid

Why do people break up? As much as every relationship is different, it turns out that there are similar key reasons for every breakup. These reasons also known as 'relationship spoilers' are the cause of a lot of couples split. Here are six relationship spoilers you should avoid like a plague
1. Cheating
Infidelity is such a deal breaker because it leaves the one cheated on feeling unloved, betrayed, angry and hurt. Cheating and lying are conjoined twins, so efforts to patch things up are not always successful. 

The Money Talk: 8 Things You Must Discuss Before Getting Married

It is common knowledge that you may not fully know your spouse until you start living together but it's best to reduce the number of surprises you may encounter before getting married.
Talking about money may not be as easy as other pre-marital topics, but you and your future spouse will do yourself some good by picking a date to have the money talk.
Here are eight things you must discuss before getting married: