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How long is “too long” to be engaged

In every serious relationship which involves two mature adults, it is normal for both parties to look forward to when they will both finally get married and spend the rest of their lives together. So when the guy finally pops the question, ‘Will you marry me?’ The lady gets so excited and will happily say 'yes' to the question. After the proposal, we can now say they are engaged.

6 Things Young Nigerian Brides Need to Know about Marriage

Planning a wedding is a serious business that requires a special ability to bring ideas and thoughts to reality. Kudos to wedding planners out there! However, the planning that had gone on for months end in about 48 hours. Afterward the reality of marriage sets in for the couple. Every lady plans towards her wedding day, but very few plans for the marriage. These are six things all brides need to know about marriage.

1. Love is not enough

Your A-Z Guide on Vow Renewal

Marriage could be tough and a whole lot of work but there are definitely a lot of things that could be done to spice it all up. one of such is a vow renewal ceremony. A vow renewal is a ceremony where married couples renew or reaffirm the vows they made to each other when they first got married.  

7 Health Checks To Do Before You Get Married to the Man/Woman of Your Dreams.

The popular saying Health is Wealth cannot be over emphasized as our health is a major determinant to our total well being. Also in Africa, marriage is believed to be a forever affair; therefore there's no room for divorce. Hence, marriage should be handled with utmost caution.

In as much as, no one anticipates a health problem, let alone an early death; these things occur in marriages. The good news is, the possibility of this occurrence could be reduced to its minimum. Here are seven important health checks to do before you say “I DO”:

5 Big Marriage Proposal Mistakes

It’s normal to get proposal jitters because you are hoping your loved one won’t say no. The tendency is to go overboard or not step up to the plate. People often make mistakes because they want to get the deed out of the way as soon as possible and hit their heart’s panic button. Here are five big marriage proposal mistakes that guys make and you shouldn’t:

Calling all 'Last Minute Lovers'

So Valentine's day is finally here, and you haven't quite figured out what to do for your lady (or guy), don't despair, the tips below may be just what you need to score winning points

To Give A Promise Ring Or Not?

The intention behind a promise ring is meant to be pure and immediately calls for an “aww” moment, and although rings are gifted in Nigeria, the practice is more popular in Western communities. Promise rings are given to women or worn by them for some reasons including:

5 Steps to Get that Proposal from Him

Ladies, Valentine day is around the corner, and this is just the perfect time to get that proposal from him. Both of you have been together like forever, and you both know you are ideal for each other but he is not popping the question yet and the wait is taking forever.
I guess it is high time to swing into action to get the proposal.

5 Creative Proposal Ideas

The clock is ticking, and you have reached that point in your relationship where you are ready to commit and lay your cards out. You are also in possession of the perfect ring but how do you get your message across with these four famous words: “Will you marry me?”. Here are five creative proposal ideas to help you out this year:

What To Do When Your Spouse Can’t Get Over an Ex

Sometimes, life gets in the way and throws you some lemons. Now is the time to make lemonade, drink it and remain whole.
How did you find out your spouse can’t get over an ex? Did he or she tell you, did you notice phone calls, stumble upon their hang out plans or make a shocking discovery? Fear not, here are some suggestions to get past the painful pangs of the 'past.'