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Spark Up the Lost Flame in Your Relationship

At the initial stage of every normal romantic relationship, the "butterflies in the tummy" moments seem endless. The couple will be so much into each other, attend different occasions together and even at that; they won't be able to get enough of each other.

6 Things Nobody Tells You About Married Life

It's all fun and games at the beginning of marriage until you discover that married life is not as rosy as it seems. Being married is another journey in itself as opposed to dating or courting where different life experiences influence the decisions you make. Here are six things nobody tells you about married life:


Does Every Couple Fight on Their Wedding Day

It is not that uncommon for couples to fight on their wedding day but every couple? No. The weeks leading up to the wedding are stressful for sure, and stressed people are more short-tempered, less tolerant, less measured. So there are likely to be more fights at this time than probably at any other time in your relationship. However, if you make sure these fights are handled properly, there is no reason why you should be hissing from the corner of your mouth on your wedding day when you should be eating cake.

5 Signs Your Partner is Cheating

Has your partner recently been exhibiting some 'sneaky' behaviour? Are you getting all worked up because you have doubts as to whether or not he or she is faithful?
Worry no more, read on for five sure* signs your partner is 'playing the field.'

1. His/Her Phone is Suddenly Off-Limits

5 Tips to Dealing with a Difficult Mother In Law

The issue of a difficult mother in law has been around since far back. It is quite a sensitive issue to handle. This explains why most ladies and guys often pray for a good mother in law. Truly, some mother in law can be so much work to deal with. One just has to find a way to handle the situation especially if your mother in law lives with you.
On that note, these are tips on how to deal with a difficult mother in law.


6 Reasons For Divorce and How You Can Avoid Them

The legally recognized union of a man and a woman as partners in a personal relationship is marriage. Meanwhile, a total walk away from this union by both parties is known as a divorce.

Back in the days, divorce used to be something shameful and hidden even when it occurs, but as at today the society seems to have embraced it as a norm, yet culture still frowns at it.

How long is “too long” to be engaged

In every serious relationship which involves two mature adults, it is normal for both parties to look forward to when they will both finally get married and spend the rest of their lives together. So when the guy finally pops the question, ‘Will you marry me?’ The lady gets so excited and will happily say 'yes' to the question. After the proposal, we can now say they are engaged.

6 Things Young Nigerian Brides Need to Know about Marriage

Planning a wedding is a serious business that requires a special ability to bring ideas and thoughts to reality. Kudos to wedding planners out there! However, the planning that had gone on for months end in about 48 hours. Afterward the reality of marriage sets in for the couple. Every lady plans towards her wedding day, but very few plans for the marriage. These are six things all brides need to know about marriage.

1. Love is not enough

Your A-Z Guide on Vow Renewal

Marriage could be tough and a whole lot of work but there are definitely a lot of things that could be done to spice it all up. one of such is a vow renewal ceremony. A vow renewal is a ceremony where married couples renew or reaffirm the vows they made to each other when they first got married.  

7 Health Checks To Do Before You Get Married to the Man/Woman of Your Dreams.

The popular saying Health is Wealth cannot be over emphasized as our health is a major determinant to our total well being. Also in Africa, marriage is believed to be a forever affair; therefore there's no room for divorce. Hence, marriage should be handled with utmost caution.

In as much as, no one anticipates a health problem, let alone an early death; these things occur in marriages. The good news is, the possibility of this occurrence could be reduced to its minimum. Here are seven important health checks to do before you say “I DO”: