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6 Hilarious Answers to “When are you getting married?”

Happy Holidays everyone! It's festive season and this means unlimited access to
aunties, uncles and cousins asking you all sorts of questions in a bid to catch up
on your life. If you are in your mid-twenties or older with a job and drive your
own car, this question is inevitable: “When are you getting married?”. This
question may be asked even if you are not known to be dating anyone.
In the true spirit of Nigerian tradition, anything can happen! Chuck your
deuces up with these hilarious answers to the dreaded question:

Courtship: Three Amazing Facts about Courtship You Never Knew

So, you’re planning to get married to that amazing person in your life.
However, both of you haven’t really had the time to “understand each other

Beach Pre-Wedding Shoot Inspiration

The beach is a great place to have your pre-wedding shoot. First and most obvious, it is beautiful. Blue sea, waves, sand, open sky – it’s a gorgeous backdrop.

5 Explosive Topics That Create Tension Between Engaged Couples

We all know that when it’s almost time to walk down the aisle, a series of fights may just materialise out of touchy topics. Wedding planning and decision-making on future living plans are the first breeding grounds for tension and fights between couples. To pre-empt some of these tensions from being raised, its best to engage in regular heartfelt conversations where couples can build their levels of spiritual and emotional intimacy. Here are five explosive topics that could create tension between engaged couples:

The Guest List

Signs That Show You Are In An Unhappy Relationship

Several things could suggest an unhappy relationship and the earlier it is identified, the better for both parties to either work on the issues or say a good bye. Everyone deserves the best in life. One should never stay in an unhappy relationship especially when your life is at risk. 
If these signs listed below sound familiar, then I suggest it is time to re-evaluate your relationship and make a decision.

-    You do not enjoy spending time with your partner

Fostering A Fanastic Relationship With Your In-Laws

One of the most important factors that determine the success and longevity of your marriage is the way you relate with your in-laws. Most couples find it difficult to relate with their in-laws and as such this has a way of affecting their relationship with their spouse. Therefore there is a need to take deliberate steps towards fostering a good relationship with your in-laws.

1.    Take out time to know them

Things You Should Do While Single

Only a few people realize the benefits attached to being single. They see singleness as a period of loneliness. Some fail to realize that this stage means discovery and as such there are so many things you can afford to do. So while you are still single make sure you utilize this stage of your life by taking time out to do the following things below.

-    Travel

Secrets to Marital Bliss

Everyone admires a happy relationship, and we all wish to have one. However, it goes beyond admiring and longing to have a happy relationship. It takes a whole lot of effort to achieve this. Some of these efforts which are invested into the relationship are the hidden truth you hardly hear.  Here are some of those hidden truths no one tells you about a happy relationship.

-    They learn from mistakes

4 Annoying Habits That a Bride Should Drop!

The journey to becoming a “Mrs.” could be made relatively easier, but sometimes the wedding buzz takes over the show, altering our financial and emotional mannerisms. Here are four annoying habits that a bride should drop:

Being unnecessarily cheap

Medical Tests Intending Couples Need to do Before Marriage

With the increasing rate of divorce in our society, there is a need to take out time to plan and understand what exactly you and your spouse are getting into. Marriage is a lifetime commitment, and as such, it should not be rushed into but be properly planned.

However, people hardly plan or take out time to understand what marriage entails before jumping into one. They are simply carried away by the glitz and glamour of the wedding ceremony, and unfortunately, they end up living their worst nightmare.