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Easy Tips On Keeping Your Kitchen Clean Always

A clean kitchen aside being beneficial to one's health, also makes cooking more attractive. However, getting to clean the kitchen after a delicious meal can be so stressful, but you really have to clean it up. Here are few tips to make the cleaning process easier.

1.     Pick a convenient spot to prepare the ingredients for your meals.

Things To Consider Before You Remarry

Marriage is meant to last for a life time. However, there are some circumstances or situation that occurs that makes things end.  These things could be the death of a spouse, divorce due to unreconciliable issues like domestic violence amongst all other reasons.
After all these, you discover you are back to the single life again, and perhaps you still look forward to getting married someday. Thus, there are factors to consider before remarrying because a second or third marriage can be quite difficult especially when children are involved.

Interesting Wedding Facts That You Don’t Know

Living in Nigeria and getting married traditionally will expose you to a lot of new traditions that you may not have known even as a local but there are so many traditions that we are equally unexposed to by not researching other cultures and ways of life outside the country. Here are some interesting wedding facts that you don’t know:

For Good Luck
•    The Hindu regard rain as good luck on their wedding days
•    The Egyptians pinch brides on their wedding days for good luck
•    Throwing peas at newlyweds is a tradition of the Czech

5 African-Inspired Wedding Traditions

We may have tribal wedding traditions in Nigeria, each of them important and unique in their own right but how much do we know about other African- inspired traditions around the world? Thinking of marrying an African- American or even a Ghanaian? Here are five African- inspired wedding traditions you should know about:

Jumping The Broom

Signs Of An Imminent Breakup In A Relationship

Not every relationship leads to marriage, and not all relationship lasts for long. As such, there are some signs that you should look out for to prevent a "story that touches the heart".
Here are signs you should look out for.

1.    Little or no communication
Human relations is sustained through effective communication and as such a relationship cannot survive without communication.

Spice Up Your Intimacy With These 6 Aphrodisiacs

There's always a natural remedy for most circumstances, especially for your intimate life; aphrodisiacs in food and drink, have been known to stimulate sexual desire.

Love Story: From Pre- School to Pre-Wedding to Wedding

We get all muchy reading love stories especially stories with special bound and relationships that has withstood the test of time and distance.

Tips on How to Live Peacefully With Your In-Laws

Over the years, living with an in-law has not been an easy one and as such people try as much as possible to avoid this situation. However, people still find themselves in this situation due to diverse reasons.
If you fall into the category of living with your in-law, you need to put in the right efforts to ensure you live peacefully. Below are tips on how to live peacefully with your in-laws.

1.    Set boundaries

10 Things You Should Expect Once You Get Engaged.

Every lady looks forward to when their prince charming will pop the "big" question. Little wonder why we get a lot of drama at proposals. A critical phase a recently engaged couple would experience is the answering questions and sieving opinions period. As such you should prepare for some kind and not so pleasant reality after you got the ring on your finger.

Here are some things you should expect after your proposal

5 Reasons to Call Off a Wedding.

Having anticipated that big day you will say " I do", after many months of planning and resources gone into planning, who would ever think of calling off their wedding?
Here are five reasons to stop a wedding. These are not yardsticks to call off a wedding, but from our research, these are some of the factors that could lead to it.

1.    Health.