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6 Signs You're Dating an Emotional Psychopath

You may not even realize you’re stuck in your relationship. That fact might not reveal itself until it’s too late. You’ve been so caught up in trying to enjoy yourself and impress your partner that you’ve failed to notice how emotionally damaging they actually are. They’re feeding off your positivity. They’re eating away at you, bit by bit. Eventually, they’ll consume you whole. Keep reading to learn more about the warnings signs that you’re dating an emotional psychopath.

Inspired! See How This Woman defended her 'tiny' Wedding Ring in a Facebook Post

"You should upgrade your tiny wedding ring so people know how successful you are!"

It was an offhand comment from a friend who meant no harm. But the more Rachel Pedersen thought about it, the more troubled she felt. Since when had her wedding ring, a token of lifelong commitment and gift from the love of her life, become a status symbol? And how many other women were feeling self-conscious about rocks that were less than Rockefeller?

Read What The Celibate Pope Had To Say About Sex

The last person we'd think to turn to for sex and dating advice is an old guy who practices celibacy.

10 Signs You May Be Cheating Emotionally

Not sure if you're crossing the fine line between platonic and romantic relationship? Answer these 10 questions to find out.

Sleep Positions Say Alot About Your Relationship

The way you sleep can be a passive-aggressive way to say what your heart feels at that moment.

Find out Why this 'Gangster Bride' Gave Her Father In Law the Finger

I can't imagine this happening at Nigerian wedding, that marriage will be over before it starts

The moment a bride flipped the finger at her new father-in-law was caught on camera sparking a huge family fight in the middle of the wedding reception.

The blushing bride - identified only as Lena - is seen in her large white gown when she turns to the camera and raises her middle finger.

At first it looks like the gesture is a joke as the woman, from Russia, accompanies it with a cheeky smile and a wink.

6 Reasons Why It's a Terrible Idea to Date Friends In the Same Circle

Based on Direct & Indirect Observation I've gathered that some ladies date the same group of guys, guys in the same social circle or clique. The irony is that these ladies who date guys in the same clique always expect a different result In terms of Relationship Progress, Engagement or Mutual Respect from guys in the clique or their peers but most times it doesn't happen.

Sizzling Tips for Newly Married Sex Newbies

If you'll be a virgin on your wedding night, congratulations! You have succeeded in accomplishing what few are able to do. It's natural to feel some apprehension about wedding night sex, but there's truly no need to worry. Take a deep breath and read our helpful tips below.

"I Am Glad You Came Into My Life To Fill It With So Much Joy" - AY Comedian To Wifey

As a way of appreciating his darling wife and owner of Midas Interiors - Mabel Makun, Ayo Makun, popularly know as AY Comedian shared these beautiful words on his instagram page:

"My Heart Skips When You Walk Into A Room" - Annie Idibia to Tu Face

Annie and Popular Nigerian Music Star, are 3 years together today. The sweet couple have indeed scaled through the hurdles of marriage that come with being super stars.