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6 Reasons Why It's a Terrible Idea to Date Friends In the Same Circle

Based on Direct & Indirect Observation I've gathered that some ladies date the same group of guys, guys in the same social circle or clique. The irony is that these ladies who date guys in the same clique always expect a different result In terms of Relationship Progress, Engagement or Mutual Respect from guys in the clique or their peers but most times it doesn't happen.

Sizzling Tips for Newly Married Sex Newbies

If you'll be a virgin on your wedding night, congratulations! You have succeeded in accomplishing what few are able to do. It's natural to feel some apprehension about wedding night sex, but there's truly no need to worry. Take a deep breath and read our helpful tips below.

"I Am Glad You Came Into My Life To Fill It With So Much Joy" - AY Comedian To Wifey

As a way of appreciating his darling wife and owner of Midas Interiors - Mabel Makun, Ayo Makun, popularly know as AY Comedian shared these beautiful words on his instagram page:

"My Heart Skips When You Walk Into A Room" - Annie Idibia to Tu Face

Annie and Popular Nigerian Music Star, are 3 years together today. The sweet couple have indeed scaled through the hurdles of marriage that come with being super stars.

20 Secrets of Couples Who Stay Together Forever

1.Never underestimate the value of asking your partner how his day went. Niceties don't become any less nice just because they become rou

Tchidi Chikere Writes Lovely Note To Wife, Nuella As She Turns A Year Older

Their love might have started out being controversial, but it’s like they have passed that phase and Tchidi’s ex-wife has also moved on with her kids.

Veggies That Rev Up Your Sex Life

You probably already know that a diet rich in vegetables is good for your health and your waistline, but did you know certain veggies can support better sexual health?

8 Plants To Keep In Your Bedroom For Better Sleep

House plants filter air and oxygenate your home, they also add much needed colour and life to your abode.

Simple Steps On How To Become A Mobile Hair Stylist

Starting a mobile hairdressing business may be suitable for individuals who have an entrepreneurial spirit or want to break free from employers. A mobile hairdressing business differs from other hairdressing businesses, because you go to your clients' homes rather than have them come to a salon to receive your services.

The 25 Sweetest Romantic Gestures for Everyday Life

A great relationship doesn’t need expensive shows of affection all the time. What matters more are sweet romantic gestures that can make your lover go awww…