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7 Sure Signs 'Bae' is Getting Ready To Propose

So you’re not quite sure if he is going to pop that question, well here are the telltale signs he is about to ask you what you have waited to hear since you knew he was the one; "Will You Marry Me??"

6 Unique Proposal Ideas Guaranteed to Get You a 'YES'

A proposal ideally happens only once in your life, so you want to make sure the love of your life never forgets. No pressure, we’ve got your back.

6 Secrets to Bliss With Your Nigerian Mother-In-Law

Every marriage is different, but almost everyone dealing with a mother-in-law issue agree that they face the same dilemma.

In extreme cases, wives questions typically include; "how on earth can I get out of this?", "Is this ever going to stop?", "Do I need to leave my marriage?", "What exactly is the problem?" and more

It is a very tough place to be and even more challenging for your man who is not only clueless as to why there is a problem between you and his mum but, also always left to manage both two people he loves.

10 Must Read Wedding Night Secrets

Firsts are always important and hardly ever forgotten, your first car, job, pet or house and your wedding night is no different, it’s the first of many nights to be spent as MAN and WIFE!

Get ready, here are our top tips to make it a night to remember!

10 Things Every Nigerian Bride Must Do Before Taking the Plunge

  1. Take some time for yourself
    No planning, no freak-outs, no fire-breathing. Just breathe. Take a trip alone if possible; you may not get this chance again.
  2. Reconnect with your girlfriends
    Spend some real time with them. No, bridesmaids’ dresses fittings do not count. You are taking a huge life step so they might be feeling insignificant. Go out like old times so they know they’ll always be your squad.
  3. Spend some time with your parents

15 Pictures Every Nigerian Bride Can Relate To

It would seem everybody and their dog has an opinion about your wedding.

Is He the One?

You've met dozens of men, and you're hoping this guy will be the one, you're hoping this will be the prince charming that will sweep you off your feet. Not to worry these eight tips will let you know undoubtedly that he is the one for you.

Is Divorce Ever An Option?

One of the hardest things to do is let go of someone you loved and with whom you imagined a ‘happily ever after.'

Getting Back in the Game: Dating Nuggets for Single Parents

Whether you’re five months’ post-divorce or five years, there’s no denying that getting back into the dating scene is daunting. Simply put, there is no "right" time to get back in the game.

How Much Should You Spend On A Couple's Wedding Gift?

Picture this, you attend a wedding of a former colleague only to be contacted later because the newly weds feel that the gift you gave was not generous enough.

It’s a situation that an unnamed guest has claimed to have been in, posting the story to a forum on Mumsnet asking for advice after she was told the £100 cheque she provided wasn’t enough.