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Ways To Manage Conflict In Relationships

Conflict is an unavoidable occurrence in any healthy relationship because couples can't always agree or share the same view. However, conflict should always be settled to prevent serious issues from regenerating in the future. However, some couples often find it tough to forgive and move on because they simply don't know how to let go. 
However, here are ways to manage conflict in a relationship 
1.    Make sure your apology is genuine

What's It Really Like To Be Engaged?

To be engaged is to experience a war of emotions while encountering different situations and testing your self-mastery. Here are some considerations to keep in mind after recovering from the shock of the rock on your left hand:  
Repeating your proposal story

Tips For A Healthy Long-Distance Marriage

Most times couples don't plan to have a long distance marriage, but later on, in the marriage, this becomes their reality. Many factors can lead to a long-distance marriage. It takes a lot of efforts to maintain a healthy long-distance marriage.

Below are tips to help build a healthy long distance marriage.


Whose Wedding is it Anyway

It is all too common for parents to get carried away and even take over your wedding altogether. Even if you're not currently planning one, you can probably predict your parents' behavior already. If we had a penny for every time, we heard "I want a small wedding, but my parents will never let it happen."

Is He The One?

Can one really tell if he is the one? It seems rather difficult because you basically have to grow, let things evolve and learn through the process. Some people start a relationship confidently without a doubt, thinking this has to be the one, but somewhere along the line things do not work out. That being said, there are certain things to look out for when you are trying to figure out if he is the one.
Does he love you?

Ways to Treat Your Wife Like a Queen

Financial issues, lack of attraction, conflict in marriages, paying more attention to kids sometimes account for why men hardly pay enough attention to their wives. Hence, they fail to treat their wives like a queen.
However, men can still look out for ways to treat their wives like a queen and re-establish the love and attraction they once had in the marriage.
Here are various ways to achieve this.

Ways to Mend a Broken Relationship


Etiquette Guide for WhatsApp Wedding Group

WhatsApp is an effective social media tool used by virtually everyone to communicate. Bride to be and Groom to be has taken advantage of this social media tool for their wedding planning process. They create a WhatsApp group days, weeks or months before their wedding day to help communicate effectively with their different wedding vendors, bridesmaids, and groomsmen, etc.

How to Convince Both Your Large Families to have a Small Wedding

Small weddings never really happen for most people in this part of the world, and that term "small" already can cause anger/chaos/misunderstanding and much more between the couple to be and their parents especially if they can afford to throw the biggest wedding.


However, some people just want a very intimate wedding, and that means they do not want everyone from their village/town to attend. Hahaha [Of course, without causing drama and getting the parents unhappy].


So, here are few ways to convince your families to have a small wedding:


Ways To Build Trust In A Long Distance Relationship

Long distance relationship can be quite difficult to maintain. It takes a lot of good factors to help maintain a long distance relationship. One of those important factors is Trust.
The importance of trust in a long distance relationship cannot be overemphasized. Due to this reality, it is imperative that couples should always look for ways to build trust in a long distance relationship. Here are ways to build trust in a long distance relationship.

1.    Always Communicate