Inspirational Weddings

Mom Baked Her Daughter a Chandelier Wedding Cake That Hangs From the Ceiling

When Absolutely Edible Cakes owner Nikki Jackson made the cake for her own daughter Toddreana’s wedding, she knew she had to do something special.

Weird Wedding Facts: Scotland's Blackening Of The Bride

In Scotland, there is a wedding tradition called the blackening of the bride that brings a whole new dimension to pre-wedding counselling.

Chinese Couple Dangle From Suspension Bridge For Wedding

A Chinese couple challenged gravity to hold a wedding ceremony on a hammock dangling underneath a glass bottom suspension bridge on Tuesday August 9th.

Weird Wedding Facts - The Tidong Community Forbids Newlyweds to Use the Bathroom for Three Days and Nights

Weddings in the Indonesian Tidong community have traditions that are truly unique. Perhaps the most adorable of their customs is the one where the groom isn’t allowed to see the bride’s face until he sings her several love songs. The curtain separating the couple is raised only after the musical requirement is met, and then they can see each other on a dais.

Beautiful Pool Side Weddings

What would be the perfect ambiance for a wedding reception on a balmy summer evening? Why, a poolside setting of course!

Beautiful Beach Wedding Inspiration

A beach wedding is an opportunity to wear a gorgeous beach wedding dress, while you and your wedding guests kick off your shoes and feel the sand between your toes.

16 Super Cute Flower Girls Who Completely Stole Our Hearts

Flower girls bring a special something to weddings. They are at that age where girls are at their cutest; one gap-toothed smile and your ovaries start quaking!

3 Things We Loved from Hakeem and Laura's TV Wedding (Empire)

So we know we know, this happened a few weeks back, but we can't help that we're super Empire fans, for those who haven't seen the season finale yet you may want to stop reading now.

Heart Warming Story - Nurses Plan Dream Wedding For Woman Diagnosed With Stage 4 Cancer

Kind nurses organised a dream wedding for a woman who had been diagnosed with stage four cancer two weeks earlier.

Photos: Inspired Wedding Shoot At 4 Hamilton Place London

Olivia Lif is a local photographer and business owner in north London.