Weird Wedding Facts: Scotland's Blackening Of The Bride

In Scotland, there is a wedding tradition called the blackening of the bride that brings a whole new dimension to pre-wedding counselling. Every bride is warned beforehand that marriage is not a bed of roses. She is told to brace up for challenges, rough spells and a few tears. The people of Scotland are apparently not content to verbally convey this warning. No, they need to show you just what exactly you might be in for.

Friends and family of the bride celebrate her upcoming nuptials by dousing her in everything disgusting they can get their hands on: eggs, dead fish, rotten food, curdled milk, tar, mud, flour, etc. The result is a barely recognisable blackened bride who is then tied to a tree or taken around town. There are no strict rules, but sometimes both bride and groom are covered in the nastiness and put in the back of an open truck while their captors bang pots and pans together. The idea is that they should be rendered very uncomfortable and be witnessed by as many people as possible. In case you ever thought a close friend did you dirty, we’ll give you time to digest this.

Blackening is practiced mostly in the rural areas of north-east Scotland. The entire process is supposed to show the bride that marriage is tough, and to prepare her for any problems or humiliation she might face as a married woman. The belief is that if she can handle blackening, she will easily handle any marital challenges.

Awww, as long as it is coming from a good place yeah?

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Written by Sandra N.U.