3 Things We Loved from Hakeem and Laura's TV Wedding (Empire)

So we know we know, this happened a few weeks back, but we can't help that we're super Empire fans, for those who haven't seen the season finale yet you may want to stop reading now.

Pic Source: wattpad.com

The Lion and his Sons
All decked out in distinctive suits. Luscious and the boys looks dapper. Luscious looked regal in a deep plum jacquard suit, making him one of the most sinister yet fashionable TV father-in-laws of all time. Hakeem the Man of the hour wore a xx black damask detailed blazer with black lapels and matching pants, keeping true to his style eclectic style and personality on his big day.

Pic Source: wetpaint.com

The Wedding Dress
Laura’s dress was an exquisite princess dress, with a detailed lace bodice, with hues of soft pink when it caught the light, her look was completed with an inverted veil, simple high bun, soft dewy make up and a bouquet of white Lilies.

Pic Source: teenvogue.com

V. Bozeman
Guests were serenaded during the cocktail hour by the beautiful V. Bozeman, an artist Cookie describes as one of Empire’s top singers. Keeping her look simple V. wore a form fitted silver full length dress with thin straps and a dazzling matching headpiece.

Pic Source: wetpaint.com

Empire never disappoints with surprises and Hakeem’s wedding was no different, from Shynee a former “associate” of luscious and cookie coming in with hookers, a heavily pregnant boo boo kitty getting served papers, the actual ceremony and the season finally cliff hanger, (someone maybe female fell off the edge, and may or may not return to in the next season) which we won’t ruin for you.

Written by Bolu Ogboye