Chinese Couple Dangle From Suspension Bridge For Wedding

A Chinese couple challenged gravity to hold a wedding ceremony on a hammock dangling underneath a glass bottom suspension bridge on Tuesday August 9th.

The couple came up with the idea and the staff from the Zhonghui Traveling Scenic Spots Management Co.,Ltd. helped them to make their dream come true. Her acrophobic groom Zhou Wenlong decided to prove his dedication and agreed to get married on a hammock attached to the glass bridge 180m (590ft) above the ground.

Jiang (the bride) was more worried for her husband than herself as he couldn't let go of the handrail for a long time before descending. The couple eventually exchanged their vows, happily accepting wishes from onlookers, friends, and families. The glass suspension bridge, known as "Brave Men's Bridge", is located in Shiniuzhai National Geological Park, Pingjiang County, Hunan Province.