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Adele Helps Couple Get Engaged At Show

Adele’s first show at the Belfast’s SSE Arena started her tour with a romantic flare. One of her fans met her onstage and Adele handed her the microphone. The fan then asked her boyfriend Neil to marry her. Adele then encouraged the entire audience to chant, “Come on Neil,” and he said yes. This night the couple will never forget occurred on Leap Day, a day which women have been traditionally known to ask men to marry them.

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Casual Wedding Officiated By Batman

I'm not sure there’s anything cooler than having your wedding officiated by a superhero!

Marriage Practice In Burundi

People in Burundi consider marriage as one of the main events of their culture and hence celebrate this ceremony for two days.

Nigerian couple who were separated after Boko Haram attack reunites and marries at a refugee camp in Cameroon

UNICEF shared the photo and story today. According to them newlyweds Ibrahim and Hauna planned to marry at home in Nigeria, but were separated when Boko Haram attacked their village.

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