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Iconic Weddings: Audrey Hepburn and Mel Ferrer

Audrey Hepburn met her husband Mel Ferrer at a cocktail party organized by Gregory Peck her co-star in Roman Holiday.

How Superstitious Are You?

A lot of traditions in weddings these days have emerged from ancient myths and superstitions. To ensure that they have all the luck in the world in their marriage, a number of people subscribe to a good many superstitions. Here are just a few of the beliefs surrounding the wedding ceremony:

He Proposed!

OMG! OMG!! OMG!!! He proposed! Uche got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I was blubbering like an idiot oh, tears everywhere. Now that I think about it, I don’t think I’ve cried in front of him before. Embarrassing!!! Thank God there were no cameras to record it. I would have to hunt people down to delete the evidence. The proposal was beautiful!!! Considering I always said I didn’t want a public one, I am glad for once, he didn’t listen to me. He proposed to me at the airport, can you imagine? International airport for that matter.

The 'Secret' to Successful Marriages

My parents have never had an argument in front of me or any of my siblings, I used to think that this was the case with every relationship and that with love and patience any relationship would work. No one goes into a marriage with the intention of divorce, No one thinks that will happen to them. However with divorce and separations at an all time high, it is unrealistic to expect a "happily ever after" ending without hiccups and in some cases major road blocks along the way.

Do you know a Groomzilla?

We all know bridezilla - the evil, pushy, overbearing bride who wants everything about her wedding to be perfect even if she has to shed the blood of friends, family members, and vendors. Rumour has it, that most brides give off a little whiff of that evil magic now and then, but who ever heard of the groom going gaga over the floral arrangements?

Well, say hello to groomzilla. Formerly a species restricted only to the ladies in the wedding gowns, this variety of wedding evil is blessed with more testosterone than sense, and is popping up at the most embarrassing of moments.

Thereto I plight Thee my Troth

I got married two years ago, and my husband and I exchanged traditional vows from The Book of Common Prayer.

Are you the other woman?

In light of the recent scandals…I wanted to repost this with a few extras. Please, I beg you if you know someone caught up in this, please forward. The saddest thing about all these women coming forward to kiss(lie) and tell, is their complete lack of understanding of what they are doing to themselves and how they are trying to glamorize their poor choices…So I dey ask?

Are Marriage Proposals Dead?

I read this on today...Is there a point in an official proposal when you've both 'seriously' discussed getting married to each other?

What Men Want, Really!

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus…even though I haven't read this John Gray's New York Times bestseller, I have seen Mel Gibson's movie "What Women Want". A healthy relationship takes two to tango and if we men can sit through a hundred and thirty minutes of a female-sensitivity proficiency test, women too could do with a few tips on meeting our needs. Here is our manifesto on figuring us out.

Like A Virgin

Lets face it, with the exception of Angelina Jolie and perhaps Brad Pitt, nobody is perfect. Despite this salient truth we get so picky when choosing our future partners - 'Oh, she's too fat', 'Neh, he's too short', Argh! she's too hairy', 'God-no! he's got man-boobs'…You may not have said any of these statements but I bet you were thinking of something similar or even worse - shame on us. Now you've got to be asking for a lot if you expect every person you date to be wearing a chastity belt (I seriously hope this is still not being practised in some lost civilization).