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Happily Married without Sex?

Sex is one of those most people constantly think about but rarely talk about. When they do, they tend to focus on the great and leave out the 'not so great'.  A recent survey in the UK estimated that 15 to 20 per cent of couples have sexless relationships - defined by experts as making love fewer than ten times a year - while around 5 per cent go without altogether.

So is it possible to be happily married without sex? Depends on who you ask

Charlotte and Chris  'Team Yes'

Is Love a Pre-Requisite for Marriage?

My friend and I were discussing what's always on everyone's mind these days: love and relationships. We were updating each other on our potential plus ones when I asked, "Why do I have to be in love with the person I marry? Why can't I marry a man because I believe he'll be a good father and/or a good provider?" My friend perished the thought and expressed that marrying for reasons, not including love, would be settling. I disagreed.

A Toast to Forever: Super Touching and Inspiring One Year Anniversary Tribute

Who says real love doesn't exist? When this facebook post popped up in my timeline I expected to read another 'my bestfriend my soulmate'  type epistle, but Bola's authenticity screamed louder which each sentence I read. Like me, I'm sure most married couples can relate. I don't know this couple but I with them both many more love filled years.

Guest Marries Jilted Bride

Strange but true, a guest married a jilted bride when the groom did not turn up at a recent indian wedding. The jilted 23-year-old bride was left high and dry at the altar when her 35 year old groom got cold feet and skipped town. The 30 year old guest, originally meant to serve as a witness at the ceremony, stepped in to 'save the day'. The wedding proceeded as scheduled with the bride and guest becoming Mr. & Mrs.

(How Often) Do Married Women Cheat?

As long as I can remember, men have been the one under the microscope when it comes to issues of infidelity as they have been labeled "the notorious wild seed sowers".

Distant But Cordial: In-Laws or Out-Laws?

"Marry me! (and my family)".

I Cancelled my Wedding

I met Stephen when I was at University. A few years older than myself, he was a junior Dr at the local hospital (friend of a friend type thing).

I was bowled over by what I thought was his charm and sophistication, I later came to realise that he was manipulative and cold but more of that later.

He had a relatively privileged upbringing as the only child of older parents who made sacrifices (enormous sacrifices really), whilst I was the younger of two children in a family where my dad had made a reasonable amount of money from his own business.

Commitment & the Alpha Male: Are you altar or slaughter bound?

Men are natural "freedom lovers". For most men, the very thought of making a life- long commitment to one woman for the rest of their "entire lives" is enough to send them sprinting for the hills and never looking back. What gives? The typical "male" is a commitment-phobic. The feared and dreaded "C-word" infers "loss of total independence", "concession" and the "painful sacrifice of sexual variety", and the impending specter of "financial wreckage". This is not to say it'll never happen. Men fall in love and get married every day, only when they are ready and not moment sooner.

AFTER “I DO” The Pathway to Keeping It That Way

“For richer, for poorer”, “in sickness and in health”, …. you’ve probably heard those lines so many times that they have lost meaning to you and sadly sometimes the bride and groom uttering them. A successful marriage takes commitment regardless of the season. While they are no tricks to a happy marriage, there are a few things that can increase your chances of a long and happy marriage. Follow our A-Z pathway to saying I do and keeping that way. Appreciation: Everyone loves to be appreciated, loved and complimented. Appreciation in marriage is an antidote to divorce.

Who is your Soul Mate?

I always thought the idea of soul mates was far-fetched, like really, is there one person and ONLY one person that is your one true life partner, who you have that instant 'deep' connection with?