14 Couple Sitting Areas to Die For

All eyes gravitate towards the newlyweds at every wedding, so it’s a given that the sitting area be captivating, detailed and worthy of the brand new couple.

Here are 15 that have completely taken our breaths away:

  1. Absolutely flawless. Nothing more to say. Next.

  2. Everything about this gorgeous setting says soft and romantic, from the cascade of flowers to the choice of pastels.

  3. Talk about a fairy tale wedding! Cinderella and Prince Charming would be very at home in this opulent, detailed couple sitting area.

  4. You cannot go wrong with a white background and a pop of colour at a wedding. This sitting area has a lot of detail with the flowers, crystals and fringing with the seat; but it still looks clean and minimalist and we love it.

  5. If this isn’t fit for a king and queen, we don’t know what is. Purple is after all the colour of royalty and it is breathtaking against white.

  6. Cosy, private and beautiful. We bet the pictures from this sitting area are stunning.

  7. Doesn’t this look like the set of a high-end magazine shoot? That setup, that colour – absolutely gorgeous.

  8. Pristine, elegant, timeless, classy white. We are here for it.

  9. The art deco and gold accents unmistakably update this setting.

  10. Playing with lighting is a wonderful way to take the sitting area up a notch. This particular one with lights under the table is a beauty.

  11.  Another really cool idea for lighting that created an ethereal effect.

  12. We love how homey this reception is to begin with, and then the fact that the couple sitting area isn’t isolated; it is right in the middle of the guest area and the dance floor. This couple definitely turned up with their well-wishers.

  13. For all our unusual brides, you know we got you. Here’s a beautiful idea for a couple sitting area at an unconventional, vintage-themed wedding.

  14. Stately white armchairs and flowers in jewel tones make this an absolute winner.

Written by Sandra N.U.