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5 Romantic Ways To Resolve Conflicts In Your Relationship

Even couples with the healthiest relationships disagree, it is normal. The best thing to do is to handle issues as soon as they arise, with peace and not “victory” as the goal. There are romantic ways to resolve conflicts in the sweetest way possible, but they will not get you out of doing the real stuff:  listen (no interruptions!), admit wrong or at least be willing see things from another angle; and APOLOGISE. Alright, let’s assume you have all that in the bag. Drive home the point and inject a massive dose of romance into your relationship with one of these smooth moves.

The One Wedding Vow We Often Forget

For many of us we often have it at the back of our minds that the traditional wedding vow should mostly be "for better, for worse", "for richer, for poorer", "in sickness and in health" and of course "till death us do part", but there is one that people tended to forget.

What is it? "To love and to cherish".

"Cherish" – it is a funny, rather old-fashioned word isn't it? You're unlikely to hear it mentioned much outside a wedding service. But it is a key ingredient in a healthy marriage and one we would do well not to forget.

Photos From Banke & Seyi's Wedding Ceremony

We are pleased to share with you the beautiful pictures from this lovely couple's wedding ceremony.

Credit :

Photography by @doweddings

Photos From Ayisha & Her husband to be's Pre Wedding Shoot

We are pleased to share with you pictures from this lovely couple's pre wedding shoot.

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makeup @strokes_n_lines

7 Cute Ways To Be A Supportive Husband

Let’s face it; your woman needs all the support you can give her. When she feels the love, she’ll be at her best and that means you get the best side of her. Happy wife, happy life right?

Photos From Dami & Segun's Pre Wedding Shoot

We are pleased to share this beautiful couple's pre-wedding pictures and their story.

Bride's Story

Photos From Promise & Her Prince Charming's Pre Wedding Shoot

We are pleased to share with you this lovely couple's pre wedding photos.

Photography : @Alakija

Photos From Loalade & Ayo's Wedding Ceremony

We bring you pictures from the traditional and the white wedding of this lovely couple. They look beautiful.


Makeup @bethesdamakeovers

Hair @hairbysleame

The 8 Things That Are Guaranteed To Make Wedding Guests Happy

It can be tough to remember that weddings aren't just about the couple, says Jaclyn Fisher, owner of Philadelphia-based two little birds planning. But your wedding guests matter big time, too.

Top 10 Locations For An Intimate Wedding In Lagos

It is quite challenging to get your friends and families to agree to an intimate wedding in Lagos; and when they eventually let you have your way either for budget sake or for some other reason(s)