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7 Need-to-Know Destination Wedding Rules

Whether you’re heading to the beach, trekking up to the mountains, or simply jetting to a city you love to visit, a destination wedding adds an extra layer of festivity to your wedding, turning the day into a weekend (or week!) of fun and excitement. But when you’re asking your guests to travel to be a part of your celebration, there are a few extra things you’ll want to keep in mind.

Be Intentional With Timing.

5 Tips On How To Be A Prudent Wife During An Economic Recession

People, the economic recession is upon us here in Nigeria and there’s no running away from it. If before it was good practice to be prudent with money, it is now a matter of survival; and as a wife you’ll find it’s down to you to figure out how to save money at home. Luckily, we’ve come up with five ways you can really stretch your naira and get your family through the recession.

1. Be conscious with your spending

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5 Ways To Avoid Being A Bridezilla

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All eyes gravitate towards the newlyweds at every wedding, so it’s a given that the sitting area be captivating, detailed and worthy of the brand new couple.

How To Create The Perfect Guest List

Congratulations! You have the ring and now your mother intends to invite the whole congregation to your wedding.