Highlights From Ora Igbinedion & Umar Mantu's Wedding Celebration

When Royalty meets Royalty

Ora Igbinedion ,daughter of Esama of benin got married to Umar Mantu, son of the former deputy senate president Ibrahim Mantu.

They had a series of celebrations. They started with the traditional wedding at the bride's home in edo state then continued with the Kamu, dubar where the groom has to ride on a camel to the bride's family home. The bride also joined the groom riding on camels side by side.

They ended the celebrations with a wedding dinner at ICC , Abuja with friends and family. The bride had her maids of honour by her side through the ceremonies ; Tania Omotayo and Nenesi Ibru.

The finale was in Johannesburg, South Africa. They held a beautiful ceremony with their friends and family. 


Written by yewande