8 Locations Perfect For An Outdoor Wedding In Lagos

Lagos is small and large at the same time. It may seem like there are only a few places to hold events but finding a decent outdoor venue for a wedding requires thinking outside the box. Outdoor locations do not come ready made for the event, so it’s best to look at the potential of a location and spruce it up with all sorts of colours and decorations. Here are eight potential locations perfect for an outdoor wedding in Lagos, our concrete jungle:

1.     BICS Garden & Boat Club

Located in the heart of Lekki, BICS Garden faces the water and has a great view of the iconic Lekki- Ikoyi Bridge and a lot of greenery, no carpet grass.

 2.     La Campagne Tropicana

This is a beach resort in the Ibeju-Lekki Area which covers about 60 acres of sand. Fresh breeze and a great view of the water are promised here.

 3.     Banana Island Playground

Banana Island is Lagos Monopoly’s very own Park Place, located in the most expensive part of Lagos. The playground is covered with fresh green grass and will look amazing when the sun is out and some white flower decorations.

 4.     Muri Okunola Park

This park has been home to events like Lagos Jazz festival and our local food fairs but it’s a great central area in Victoria Island if you want to have a real Lagos wedding soiree.

 5.     Freedom Park

Located in the heart of Lagos Island, Freedom Park is iconic for being a former prison and now a reinvented home to Lagos art, theatre and music lovers. It has lots of trees and structures but with proper design and an awesome wedding planner, your wedding could turn into an artistic lovebird playground.

 6.     Lakowe Lakes Estate Golf and Country Club

Located in Lakowe along the Lekki-Epe Expressway, this location allows for a large set up especially if you are looking for ample parking, the greenest of grass and space to walk around!

 7.     Private Yacht

Who says your wedding has to be in Victoria Island or Lekki when it can be in both? Getting married on a cruise is quite romantic especially when you can watch the sunset with your family and friends. Prest Lunch and Dinner Cruise situated in Lekki may also give a cruise service.

 8.     Mega Plaza Car Park Rooftop

If you are looking for space and a view of Victoria Island, this is the place to be as long as you are not scared of heights and you can forgo the fact that you are on a car park rooftop.

Now that the rains have disappeared for a bit, maybe your wedding does not have to be at Landmark after all? Good luck with choosing your perfect location for your unconventional outdoor wedding!

Written by Feso Adeniji