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8 Simple Steps to Plan an Engagement Party

A lot of people in this part of the world don’t throw engagement parties because they focus on having the traditional introduction ceremony where the families of the couple meet formally at the bride’s home. Engagement parties may be of Western flavour, but they are fun and present a chance to bond with your nearest and dearest who would not have otherwise attended your introduction ceremony. Engagement parties can be intimate with a few people or larger with the whole bridal train, family and a few co-workers.
Here are eight simple steps you need to plan an engagement party:

Match-Making Done Right: Martina and Jerry's Love Story

How we met - Bride

Jay’s family and mine have known each other for the longest time although I’d never met him.

10 Ideal Bachelorette Party Ideas for Classy Brides

These ideas are great for a bride and her bridesmaids who appreciate unconventional experiences asides the usual dinner linkup.

London Club (Guvnor Bar) Owner, Toba Proposes to his Ghanaian Beauty Nana

Beauty and fashion entrepreneur Nana thought she was going on a girls night out with her girlfriends for a movie premiere at Curzon Cinema in Victoria, titled The Hidden Truth.

10 Bridesmaids Favors

Can there really be a bride without her girls? We do not think so.

Pre Wedding Photos: Tolu And Yemi

Actor and comedian , Tolu Ogunmefun proposed to his longtime girlfriend Yemi ,last year and they just released their pre wedding photos.

Below are the beautiful pictures.

Pre Wedding Pictures Of Motunrayo & Oluwatobi

Dear readers, allow us interrupt your afternoon musings with these pre wedding pictures of Motunrayo & Oluwatobi. Enjoy!

Lovely bridesmaids dresses

A beautiful bridal party is essential in every wedding.

Below are lovely photos of different bridal party.

Photos: Brenda's Bridal shower

Nice photos of Brenda and her friends at her bridal shower.