Your A-Z Guide on Vow Renewal

Marriage could be tough and a whole lot of work but there are definitely a lot of things that could be done to spice it all up. one of such is a vow renewal ceremony. A vow renewal is a ceremony where married couples renew or reaffirm the vows they made to each other when they first got married.  
To some couples, it is an intimate affair which will only include close friends and families, and for some others, it is an opportunity to have that lavish wedding they never had the opportunity or the money to do. Here are some needful tips to consider when thinking of a vow renewal ceremony.
1. Have a budget. 
You need to be accountable when it comes to spending in order not to waste money on things that are not so important. So have a budget, it will serve as a guide for both of you.
2. When will it hold?
Decide on the date you want your vow renewal. This could be done to commemorate your wedding anniversary or after your marriage had overcome some challenges that could have led to the end of it. The bottom line is, it could be anytime both of you feel it is appropriate. 
3. The venue 
There are no rules concerning the location for a vow renewal. It could be anywhere both of you decide to use.
Meanwhile, when deciding on a venue, take into consideration the number of guests you are inviting, the type of arrangement, theme, and decoration you want. This would help you reach a decision as to what venue to use.
4. Choose your attire for the ceremony.
You need to look good on that day, so decide on the attire you and your spouse will like to wear. As the wife, you may want to wear your wedding gown again if you feel comfortable in it otherwise, you could wear something really special and nice that would make you look different. 
5. Officiating minister
For a vow renewal ceremony, anyone can officiate for the ceremony. You can decide to choose a minister, a close friend, relative and even one of your children to officiate for that day.
6. Who will walk you down the aisle?
Unlike the initial wedding ceremony, you don’t need your father to walk you down the aisle. Your children can walk you down the aisle.
However, it is common to see the couple walk from opposite side of the room and meet in the middle.
7.  Write the renewal vow down
The whole essence of the celebration is to renew or reaffirm the vow you made to each other. Also, there may be a need to include some other things to the vow, you and your spouse can decide on what exactly that would be and notify whoever you choose to officiate on that day. 
8. Wedding band
If you can afford to change the wedding ring, go ahead and do it. If you like your ring just the way it is, then you can use it for the exchange of vows.
9. Do I need a cake for a vow renewal?
Of course! you need a cake for a vow renewal. You may not have to go for a typical wedding cake, you can go for something simple and tasty :) Most importantly, go for something you both love.
10. Do I need a bridal party?
It is not necessary to have a bridal party but if you want it, you can have it!
Keep loving!
Written by Temitope Ikusika