What To Do When Your Spouse Can’t Get Over an Ex

Sometimes, life gets in the way and throws you some lemons. Now is the time to make lemonade, drink it and remain whole.
How did you find out your spouse can’t get over an ex? Did he or she tell you, did you notice phone calls, stumble upon their hang out plans or make a shocking discovery? Fear not, here are some suggestions to get past the painful pangs of the 'past.'

Relationship Counselling
Having counselling sessions with a professional may enable you to ask questions and discover each other’s point of view without a shouting match. A neutral moderator in this situation will help calm any nerves that may arise from either spouse.

Journey To Rediscovery
Take your life partner on holiday and leave town for a change of environment and people. This holiday can clear your both your minds and help you to reconnect with the things that initially brought you both together. Have fun and fall in love all over again over South-African wines, Italian deserts or middle-eastern landscapes.

Spiritual Healing
Now may also be the time to turn to your spiritual director or religious order for help- someone in your religious community may have gone through a similar situation and may have stellar advice for you and your spouse. Although people have different temperaments, such information may be helpful in keeping you on the right spiritual path.

Breathing Space
To ease the situation, don’t hammer him/her with all sorts of questions because that may build anxiety. Wait for your spouse to reach a state of calmness before engaging in a serious conversation. Till then, distract yourself with your favourite hobbies and activities - exercise releases tension.

Reignite The Fire
Maybe now may be the right time to reignite your passion as a married couple after having a meaningful conversation about the future of your relationship. Switch up your look, buy new lingerie or get a brand-new suit, get a haircut and hit the gym to get started on your spanking new look. Do whatever it takes (within reason) to make your spouse feel special, so you can move forward and live out your reignited romance happily ever after!

This article is by no means expert advice but represents suggestions as to possible courses of action. If you are reading this while going through relationship problems, stay positive, remain strong and believe that better days are coming!


Written by Feso Adeniji