Wedding Gift Inspiration For Newlyweds

Wedding gifts don’t always have to be kitchen appliances or utensils; it’s time to think more about the personality and interests of the couple you are buying the gift for and fund an experience for them. Here are some wedding gift ideas for newlyweds:

Couple’s Spa Escape

Book your friends in  for a spa experience to relax after their long wedding experience and get their minds, bodies and souls prepared for the honeymoon of a lifetime. Make sure the voucher for a spa escape will remain valid for a period of time if the couple chooses to go after returning from their honeymoon.

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Private Dining

Hiring a private chef for your friends within the first week of their wedding will ensure they sit back, relax and enjoy a private dining experience for at least one night before they fall into the routine of cooking dinners. A three-course meal served by a gourmet chef will set in stone an experience they will never forget in the intimacy and comfort of their home.


Wine Tasting Experience For Two

If your newly wedded friends are wine lovers, gift them with the experience of a lifetime tasting wine and cheese or getting to learn about wine pairings with food. If you are feeling generous, you may opt to fund a special tour to see how wine is made in their honeymoon spot.

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Monetary Gift

When in doubt of what gift to give your newly wedded friends, whip out your cheque book or fill an envelope with some cash. Think about it; a monetary gift is beneficial for both the giver and receiver because the receiver gets to use the gift in whatever way and the sender will be satisfied that the receiver likes the gift! This also gives the couple a chance to spend or save this money after the wedding.

What’s your idea of a perfect wedding gift? Did you receive something as a wedding gift and wish you hadn’t? Gift registries are popular nowadays but try to invest in experiences if your friends don’t ask for specific gifts. Since times are changing, maybe couples will start including experiences into their gift registries!

Written by Feso Adeniji