Visa Free Honeymoons

Honeymoons are the highlights of any wedding, and if you're 'blessed' with a green Nigerian passport, then lining up at a foreign embassy for a visa is probably not the way you want to start yours. Well you're in luck as there are actually quite a few interesting countries that do not require visas (or have very easy visa requirements) from Nigerian nationals

Sensual Seychelles
I am sure you didn’t know that it’s in Africa but it’s the perfect lovers spot….Make sure you pack gorgeous swim suits as it’s a beach lovers dream. Lodging in the Seychelles is plentiful, with numerous resorts operating on their own private islands. You'll find luxurious low-key bungalows, villas, and thatched-roof cottages with sea views, beach access, private patios, scented towels, gorgeous swimming pools, and all the other accommodations one would expect from a first-class island hideaway. What you won't find, however, are many commercial hotels or huge resorts - the Seychelles' accommodations are noted for their intimacy and personal touches!

Dubai…Land of Gold!
It's a gorgeous city in the heart of Middle East, straddling an enormous natural harbour and the sparkling waters of the Gulf of Oman. It's a place of endless sunshine, endless beaches, and endless romance. With opportunities for swimming, sun bathing, tennis, golf, shopping, fine dining, and adventure, it may be just the spot in which you and your newly wed husband or bride have been looking to honeymoon.

Be sure to check out "The Creek", a district near the water reminiscent of ancient Arabian ports. For those who are interested in shopping, Dubai's "Gold Souks" offers a street on which every window twinkles with the mellow glow of gold.
Visa requirements for Dubai are very low and there are no endless waits in the embassy.

Maldives…the last paradise!
Imagine having a private island cater to your every whim as you take your first steps together into married life, lying for days on the bone-white beaches, sipping daiquiris, and frolicking on the coral of your island's "house reef". It’s simply breathtaking!!

This is the Maldives, "the last paradise," a land of breathtaking sunsets, emerald lagoons, and some of the most romantic and luxurious accommodations anywhere in the world. With tourism industry geared specifically toward honeymoons and passionate getaways, this tiny nation is considered by many to be the world's foremost destination for newlyweds.

Visitors are issued thirty-day visas upon arrival in Male', the nation's capital city and home to the country's only international airport. Once you're on the ground, you'll be quickly ferried to the island of your choice, most likely by the hotel of your choice.

Ultimately, its hassle free, visa free but definitely nor passport free, so ladies as you pack those titillating lingerie, lets not forget our international passports.

Have a scrumptious Honeymoon!!

Dahlia Okoruwa

Written by Sugar Weddings