The Ultimate Guide to Being the Perfect Lagos Wedding Guest!

Have you surfed Instagram lately? November is a mere warm-up for the
festivities that somehow materialise every day in the month of December.
Being in Lagos in December will turn your sorrow to joy because the amount
of unprecedented fun flows like an ever-running fountain. The wedding and
event hashtags are the funniest but will be sure to keep you on your toes
as you aim to become the perfect wedding guest that Lagos has to offer at
#TITI17 or #THEJONESEFFECT17. However, if you have found yourself stuck at
home all year and you have not been going out, it’s not too late!

Here’s the ultimate guide to being the perfect Lagos Wedding Guest:

Slay Mama

These days, it’s not hard to find a make-up artist as there’s a studio
situated every 200 metres in Lekki alone. Alternatively, follow a step by
step rendition of celeb make up looks by your favourite YouTube beauty
vloggers, only if you have the time of course.

You better work Honey!

Looking like a hot spice is essential to being the perfect Lagos wedding
guest. Get something tailored if you have to or buy a sexy red number from
an upcoming designer that fits right into your budget. While you are
planning on working that dress, try not to upstage the bride on her special

Be a Social Butterfly

Lagos is full of entrepreneurs and a wedding is the perfect place to
network. Now that you’ve ticked off the looks, you have to match up with
your persona. Be openminded and socialise with people because you can never
anticipate when and how you may meet or need them again. Being approachable
may also get that cute guy to come over and strike up a conversation.
Double win in the bag!

Squad Goals

Inviting one or two fine friends to come along to the wedding party isn’t
such a bad idea, after all, you’ve figured that Tunde will receive you at
the entrance and he’d be able to hook your friends up with his decent
looking friends, strapped up in Kimono Kollection suits. Besides, you are
adding numbers to make the wedding party rock. Another double win in the

Social Media Update

You are not a perfect guest if you do not care to post a selfie with your
left hip up and face to the side, showing your best profile. Don’t forget
to add the official wedding hashtag to your picture so the rest of Lagos
can follow the story!

However satirical you may have interpreted this guide, you may not have had
the ultimate wedding guest experience without these pointers. Most of us
have fulfilled all of this, are you ready for December in Lagos? Let’s do
it all over again, just for the culture!

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Written by Feso Adeniji