Things To Consider Before You Remarry

Marriage is meant to last for a life time. However, there are some circumstances or situation that occurs that makes things end.  These things could be the death of a spouse, divorce due to unreconciliable issues like domestic violence amongst all other reasons.
After all these, you discover you are back to the single life again, and perhaps you still look forward to getting married someday. Thus, there are factors to consider before remarrying because a second or third marriage can be quite difficult especially when children are involved.

-    Try to identify what went wrong in your previous marriage.
In as much your previous marriage is over. There is still need to identify what exactly went wrong in your previous marriage for you to find a way to prevent such in the new marriage you are about embarking on. Identifying what went wrong will allow you look at things objectively to avoid another kind of issue from the past springing up in the present.

-    How long have you been single again?
A famous saying states that time heals. Therefore it is important to take out time to heal before moving on to remarry. You should allow yourself grieve the pain, don’t run from it and move on when you are stable emotionally and mentally. Also, if you have children from your previous marriage, they will need time to heal and find stability in life. It is okay to wait awhile before moving ahead.

-    Consider your kids
Children are sensitive, and as such, you should be careful when making some move that will affect their feelings. A loss of a father/mother or a divorce can affect the child in a way he or she may not able to recover from it. Thus, when you are planning to remarry you should also consider them by involving them and don’t make them feel lonely. Also, allow them to grieve and don’t rush them.

-    Are you both financially compatible?
Let’s face it, in this current economic situation; there is need to consider how compatible you both are in finances. Most times, financial issue is the root of misunderstanding between couples. Therefore, be transparent about the amount you earn and about your saving habit to prevent issues later in the marriage.

-    Understand that remarrying comes with its baggage
You should know that this comes with its own different peculiarity. This could be fear of been maltreated by your spouse, fear that your children will be abused by your new spouse, acceptance by your ex-spouse's family and your new partner's family among others. When you can understand these pieces of baggage, you should be able to calm the storm when it rises.

Written by Temitope Ikusika