Simple DIY Centrepieces

When it comes to weddings, DIY centrepieces are an easy and popular option for brides who want to get crafty. We love DIY as you already know, so we came up with this guide to making beautiful centrepieces. They are so beautiful you wouldn’t believe how simple they are to make, with easily overlooked items available locally. As a plus, you also get to save money to put towards other aspects of your wedding.

  1. Upside down glass centrepieces

Bet you never thought wine glasses could be so pretty placed upside down outside the cupboard. It’s so simple, it’s genius. All you need are wine glasses which can be of different heights; flowers in a colour you choose and little candles.

  1. Champagne bottle vases

Empty champagne bottles have so much potential. Make sophisticated vases made by painting them white. You should also pour paint inside the bottle, swish around and then turn upside down to dry. That will keep the white nice and even. Fill with white flowers and string up crystals for a winter wonderland wedding.

  1. Flower topiary

It involves sticking flowers whose stems have been cut off to a foam ball or other round structure. You can easily get one from the flower/wedding section of the market. You can use glue or pins to stick on the flowers and then stand on a candlestick holder.

  1. Goldfish bowl

You can do all sorts of things with this classic round glass bowl. Fill it with beads or white sand, along with flowers or seashells. Finish with a candle or tea lights.  

  1. Knock that cake off its high horse and use its stand in this effortlessly beautiful wedding centrepiece. Pile on flowers and candles. Unbelievably easy.

  2. Sticks can be combined with other elements to give a rustic touch to an unexpectedly pretty centrepiece. Clear glass vases, flowers, water and sticks and voila.

On the minus side, you may not want to keep cane within easy reach of mums in a situation where children tend to run amok... We kid, we kid.

  1. Fill mason jars with faux pearls or white beads and use as a flower vase. Make a full bouquet that spills over the tops for a breathtaking centrepiece.
Written by Sandra N.U.