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Romantic Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Are you looking for ideas for a romantic Valentine's date with your
significant other? Don’t worry, we are here to think outside the box for
you! There are a lot of cliché things that people do on Valentine’s day
like gifting wine, cake, chocolates and teddy bears. Let this year be a bit
different. Besides gifting, you may want to take a look at these romantic
date ideas for Valentine’s Day:

Photo via: www.princess.com

Dine by the Ocean

Catch some ocean breeze with some good food and wine, and enjoy a cruise around Victoria Island on a boat. If you can afford such a lush date, hire a boat and a private Chef to please your palate while you get serenaded by a violinist.

French is the Language of Love

Can’t make it to France on Valentine’s day? Just opt for French food, drinks and even gifts! Yes, there are French food restaurants in Nigeria. This might cost you a pretty penny, but are you willing to please bae with your effort at embodying the language of love?

Photo via: www.hallelujah.com

Picnic at the Bay

Fancy a trip to Tarkwa Bay or any other quiet beach? To really enjoy this picnic, you must go with good food, fruit and wine (or champagne). Its best to go at a time that’s considered off-peak so you can get the best of each other’s essence and really soak up the conversation while you stare dreamily into each other’s eyes!

Photo via: artsmeme.com

Feel the HEAT!

Do not be afraid to treat your significant other to something special- a hot couples Salsa session or even a special dance number in heels round the chair, with your man sitting in it. It’s time to turn up the temperature, what better time than now? Add to the list of November babies!

Photo via: the-star.co.ke

Be Creative

Be creative by coming up with a special menu, cooking and serving all the food and entertaining your special one the best way you can. Make him or her see the emotional side of you by writing a love letter and reading it out after dinner. Look into each other’s eyes and connect with your creativity.

Remember, these date ideas can be actualised on any other day before or after Valentine’s if the actual date is not convenient. Don’t forget to put all your love and care into this special gesture!

Written by Feso Adeniji