Popular Excuses given To Avoid Getting Married

Your mid-twenties are when you’re considered to be in your prime, the best years of your life where you look good and feel good. At this time, you are probably scheming the next big move that will advance your career while also making sure your hair, skin and nails are on fleek! Then the inevitable questions start to pop up: “When are you getting married?” or “When are we seeing him?”.

The bottom line is that ladies may have no control over when they get married as it is the men that typically begin the chase and ultimately pop the question.
Here are some lame excuses people use to avoid getting married:

I’m not financially ready
Joining finances with the one you love to give yourselves a better life is actually better than hustling and struggling to pay bills all on your own.

I’d have no freedom
What exactly could someone you are in a relationship with be holding you back from? Any reasonable relationship will allow the couple to still go about their business freely

I need to lose or gain weight
Your significant other should love you the way you are at the time of marriage and beyond, not for your appearance but ultimately for your substance. Remember that deciding to have your optimum health goals requires a lifestyle change and not just a quick fix before your wedding.

Heartbreak is too much for me
There’s no one on the face of this earth that has had or is currently in a fairy tale relationship. Life is full of ups and downs, so it’s best to just embrace the good times and build your emotional muscle for the bad times.

I like being single
Really? Do you really want to be single for the rest of your life? I don’t think so!

If you really want to get married, it’s time to ditch the lame excuses and make yourself available or pop the question. It’s time to hop on the love rollercoaster!

Photo Credit: feministcurrent.com

Written by Feso Adeniji