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Natural Remedies For Getting Rid Of Acne Scars

The aftermath of acne on one’s skin can be quite unpleasant. As a result of this; most acne sufferers make use of different chemical moisturizer and medication to get rid of the scar in order to have a smooth looking skin.
However, in as much these chemical moisturizers lead to a good result, they also have side effects for the skin. Therefore, it is best you make use of a natural solution in getting rid of the scar.
Below are the natural remedies that help to remove acne scar.

•    Coconut oil
Coconut oil has numerous benefits. It contains healing properties, the vitamins and essential fatty acids contribute to improving skin health.
Scoop a teaspoon of virgin coconut oil, massage the oil into your scarred skin and let it soak in.
You can leave it on for at least 30 minutes before rinsing it off.

•    Lemon
Lemon is an effective natural solution; it can be used to promote healing, restore the healthy components of the skin and of course remove scars.
Squeeze the juice from the lemon, use a cotton wool to apply the juice on the scar and rinse your face with warm water.
You can dilute the juice with a little water if you have sensitive skin.
Most importantly, due to the effect of lemon juice which increases the sensitivity of the skin to UV radiation, avoid direct sun after using the treatment.

•    Cucumber
Cucumber contains components that help to ensure a great skin. These components are vitamin A, C and magnesium. Little wonder why cucumber is a well known facial treatment.
Cut cucumber into a few slices and lay them on your scarred skin. Leave it on for 30 minutes and later discard it. Rinse your face with a warm water afterwards.
•    Honey
This is a natural moisturiser which works wonders on the skin.
To get your desired result, it is best you get raw honey and not diluted one.
Take honey, place it on scar spot and massage it with your finger. You can use it as many times as possible

•    Fresh aloe vera gel
Aloe vera gel contains a healing component that helps the skin get rid of scars.
It helps your skin to look healthy. Massage your skin with the gel, leave it for 30 minutes before washing it off.

Written by Temitope Ikusika