How to Spot an IJGB

Happy New Year!
It’s that time of the year when people who have been abroad all year long
return home. There is usually excitement when they arrive. Not only is
there a long list of gifts to give to many people, but they also come with
foreign currency, ready for a good time.

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So how do you spot them? Sometimes it is so easy. Other times, you may have to find a particularly distinctive feature when you meet someone new. This article is tongue-in-cheek. It’s all love guys!

Ok, here are a few ways you can spot an” I Just Got Back!”

Their Accents

Accents are usually the first and easiest way to spot this set of people. In fact, it’s a dead giveaway. Your city becomes a melting pot of accents. You’ll hear clear British, American, or Australian accents from those who actually grew up in other countries. You’ll also notice the ambiguous, fluctuating medley of accents from those whom we know just left for a Master’s degree last year.

The Complaints

They complain every two minutes about the heat, mosquitoes, their family, Nigerians, Africans, the water ruining their skin (when we all know they’re struggling with the same acne abroad).

Their Spending Habits

If you live in Nigeria, you know quite well that the exchange rate is favourable for people coming back with foreign currency. Usually, they tend to be two things - overly stingy or overspenders.

The latter is popular at parties and hangouts, having a lot of friends around and of course, footing all the bills. They seem ready to spend till they drop. They are also frequently found at art markets unwittingly paying double for jewellery and accessories.

The former is very concerned about how they spend. They are usually students on a budget. They rant about how greedy and frivolous people at home are, and how they are sure they got cheated in the market.

Their Behaviour

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IJGB’s tend to be willing and excited to explore. They are fascinated by our everyday things and take lots of pictures. They become tourists at home.

Also, their thought process can be quite different from that of a typical Nigerian, and they are sometimes ridiculed for it. For instance, they are more likely to insist on their rights with the police, make a scene at a restaurant with poor service, and so on. It can either mean they get better service, or they get in trouble. You can easily play ‘spot the new guy/girl’ in public places this season.

Their Bargaining Power

It's not always advisable to send an IJGB to the market or on errands that require bargaining. Accent equals higher prices in the market and most times, their bargaining power is not strong enough, and they do get cheated.

If you’re an IJGB, you make our cities more colourful this period. Remember to take your street smart friend or cousin with you when you’re going shopping.

How so you spot IJGB's?

Written by Ojatula Opeyemi