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How to Have an Awesome Family Vacation

Travelling with kids is a different experience entirely and it can be quite
stressful. The stress can hinder one from enjoying an otherwise wonderful
vacation. Below are pointers on how to make your next family holiday

Create a list
of what you and the kids will need for the vacation. Tell your kids and
your spouse to also create their own. This way nobody forgets important
stuff. You can later update the list before each family trip so you don’t
have to create a new one for every journey.

Pick a day to pack
what you have listed. Everyone should contribute based on their ability.
Make it loads of fun by playing music while you pack.

Don’t set unrealistic expectations
for your kids because they may feel disappointed when their expectations
are not met. Inform your kids about what to expect and prepare them for any
shortcoming they are likely to experience.

This next one might be a bit difficult because of the kids but it is attainable.
Arrange your items and leave your house early for the
trip. You don’t want to miss your flight or bus to your destination.
Getting there early will set the right mood for the vacation.

Don’t plan for too many activities
in a day. It can be overwhelming for your children. They may want to relax
and catch up with their friends on social media. Plan one or two activities
for each day. The family time has both time to bond and room to breathe.

Take care of your needs
also. You and your spouse should also create a special couple time. Have
fun together and pamper yourself.

Very importantly, have a backup plan in case anything goes
wrong. If something unpleasant happens, it will be less stressful.

Finally, see the good side of any set back you may undergo
during the vacation. Create a joke from it and laugh at it to ease the

Photo source: funntripps.com/playgrounds

Written by Temitope Ikusika