How to Deal With An Introvert Boyfriend.

An introvert is a relatively shy and reticent person.  On an average, the ratio of male to female introverts would be seen to be around 3:1. This means there are more male introverts which ultimately sums up the fact that more females would be in a relationship with male introverts.
Some people can cope, others just can't, and it ends up becoming a major issue that tagged "incompatibility".
A lot of relationships have ended due to this seemingly simple theory of personality type. However, here are few ways to deal with an introvert boyfriend;

1.    Understand his personality.
Understanding his personality makes it easy for you to cope. This simply means you should prepare your mind to some particular challenges and surprises that could pop as regards his character.  Get to know him and understand him.

2.    Recognise it and deal with it.
If you recognise his reticent nature early enough, you shouldn't deserve yourself with the thought he would change because he may never.  So be ready to deal with it.

3.    Encourage him
It is not a disease or a sickness being an introvert, in fact, it has a lot of pluses because there is a high tendency your boyfriend would be very detailed and observant. Therefore, focus on his strength and help him see how he can the very best of his introvertive self.

4.    Get involved in things he likes.
Beyond understanding his personality and leaving things there, get involved in things he likes, and he would also be willing to get involved in things you like. This would create an avenue to get to know each other better and help bring him out of his shell.

5.    Go for events together.
Find events that you both enjoy and go together. You would be shocked to see your boyfriend can be outspoken if he wants to. This process brings him out, and on certain occasions, suggest a group activity with his friends and yours.

Apparently, this looks like a lot of work to deal with that's why we suggest never start what you cannot finish. If you know dealing with an introvert may be difficult for you, then there is no use starting the relationship. Your extrovert-self deserves to be happy, so does the introvert guy deserve happiness.

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Written by Dr. Mute Akpomedaye