How To Choose The Perfect Best Man

So you just got your dream girl engaged in a very romantic way and the next thing on the agenda is to plan the wedding. You already have a picture of how you want your groom’s men to look like, so you have selected them and also informed them. Then you realize you are taking all the time in the world to actually pick your best man and time is not on your side.

Someone reading this will most likely say ‘Picking a best man should be quiet easy’, the truth is that it is not so easy when you are considering many factors. To choose a perfect best man, one should not base it on only friendship and family only. Your best man should be someone that is reliable, someone that can go the extra mile to make your day memorable for you. You don’t have to choose someone that you don’t have a good relationship with because you will be left disappointed.

So when choosing your best man some things should be put into consideration for you to choose the perfect best man.

Pick someone that is capable of carrying out the task of a best man well. Trust me the duty of a best man is not only to keep the rings safe and to wear the same suit with the groom and look fine. He is to make sure the groom has nothing to worry about by doing the running around for him. Therefore, pick someone that you know is active and can deliver well.

When choosing your best man, it is actually safe to go for a relative if you have two best friends and you won’t want to hurt their feelings. So going for a relative will stand as a neutral ground and it will be understandable.

On the other hand, it is not everyone that has a good relationship with their brother. In a situation like that you can go for your friend and if you have two good friends, then pick the two.

There are some characteristics you should look out for in the person when choosing a best man. Look for an organized person, trust worthy person, a reliable person, friendly and outgoing person. Sometimes we don’t have to include sentiments in the matter of choosing a best man in order not to be left disappointed. Remember it is your wedding and you have the right to choose, so choose right.



Written by Temitope Ikusika