To Give A Promise Ring Or Not?

The intention behind a promise ring is meant to be pure and immediately calls for an “aww” moment, and although rings are gifted in Nigeria, the practice is more popular in Western communities. Promise rings are given to women or worn by them for some reasons including:

  • The promise of engagement 
  • The promise to remain faithful in a relationship
  • To delay intimacy until marriage
  • As a pledge to a religious cause

In the context of relationships, some men will choose to wear a matching ring with their significant other until they walk down the aisle.To get a balanced perspective, here are some reasons in favour of and against getting a promise ring for your significant other:

I’m Giving Her A Promise Ring!

You will be separated from your significant other for a lengthy period and wish to reassure your commitment to the relationship.
You want to get engaged to her but need to fulfil some projects and career moves first.
Every time you feel like giving up on your celibacy promise, the ring will remind you of what’s important in your relationship.
Perfect Valentine’s gift to assure her that you are committed to the relationship with the promise of progression

Let’s Not Bother With A Promise Ring!

If you are not ready to get married, would you want to make someone else wait years until you are? Life may bring forth different situations that cause for changing circumstances.
If you are not ready to get engaged, then you may not be ready to decide whether or not to get married.
The purpose of symbolising the promise may be defeated if the guy decides not to wear a matching ring and finds other love interests.
The fear of taking a step back may cloud the couple’s ability to honestly assess problems in the relationship because they may try to fix fundamental issues that may not be capable of fixing.
The society we live in does not recognise promises to get married but recognises engagements with the purpose of marriage.

Although this article sways towards not bothering with a promise ring, what’s your take on this? Is it a cute symbol of love or false hope?

Written by Feso Adeniji