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Extension-Free Wedding Hairstyles

Hello Ladies, if you’ve been looking for a beautiful bridal hair that you can do without adding weaves/extensions, it's your lucky day because we’ve compiled some no-tracks hair inspiration for you. A lot of black women are now opting to wear their own hair on their wedding day, and they look absolutely gorgeous!
Whether you’re doing this out of principle; because your hair is long enough for that elegant style you want or because your short hair is banging; or purely for convenience, you will find a style that suits length, texture, and tastes.


Sleek Styles

If a laid hair is the only way you roll, here’s some sleek and shiny inspiration. You will likely have your hair flat-ironed to get to this level of sleekness, so just make sure your stylist uses some heat protectant to avoid frying your hair. That way you can enjoy the light bouncing off your locks without worrying about damage.

Photo Credit: @ao_photography(Instagram)


These styles work well with stretched natural hair and relaxed hair that isn’t bone straight. Having some texture ensures that there is some volume to pull off these looks. The beauty of an up-do is that you only need medium length hair and a creative stylist to get the illusion of very long hair that is tucked in. For a top bun, a hair doughnut can give you the size you want. It is an accessory, not a weave.

Photo Credit: dionnesmith.com

Very Textured

Will all the naturals please stand up? This is your domain. You don’t have to straighten your hair for your wedding if you don’t want to. You can wear your natural kinks, coils, and curls in a very textured up-do, or out in all their glory. From the teeny weeny afro to a big cloud of natural hair, you are all represented here.
If however, your hair is straight, and you fancy some oomph for your wedding, nothing stops you from getting your hair curled up and doing something similar.

Photo Credit: @t.alamodebeauty


If anyone ever doubted that your gorgeous locs are wedding-ready, show them these pictures with a big “A-ha!” These beautiful women show just how versatile locs can be; whether your choice is classic or a more laid-back boho feel.

Photo Credit: lilianhadar.com

Go ahead and accessorize as you see fit, then come out and flourish!

Written by Sandra N.U.