Eight Step Guide to A Yoruba Traditional Wedding

We love traditional weddings, with their vibrant colours, rich food, playful banter and more, what's not to like? Okay maybe the chaos that sometimes comes with the territory, but hey, something has to give. As residents of Lagos, we've certainly attended our fair share of Yoruba Engagements, they are beautiful symbolic occasions (albeit usually lengthy) that mark the 'official engagement' between a couple. The entire event usually plays out like a well rehearsed play with two narrators representing both families, the 'Alaga Ijoko' (the sitting MC) for the brides family and the 'Alaga Iduro' (the standing MC) for the grooms family. Prior to the engagement, both families meet in the 'introduction' where amongst other things, wedding dates are set and both families get to know each other. So what happens next? Click the thumbnails below to get started..