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Busy Bee

April was quite an eventful month for us, first with trying to get out the looooong overdue Sugar Updates. Our sincerest apologies for this, we’ll make it up in a big way to you. So we’ve done quite a bit of rearranging on Sugar! and we hope this makes your experience an even more enjoyable one.

The Wedding Diaries: Our first couple is Dunni & Demola, over the next few weeks, Dunni will take us through her 'blissful' wedding planning process, including juicy details like how he proposed, in-laws and more…

Coming Soon
Sugar Marketplace: We are working as quickly as possibly to launch our online marketplace where you can buy from your favourite vendors with the click of a button

Sugar Wedding Registry: We will also be launching our wedding registry soon, allowing future couples to create their gift checklists on SugarWeddings.com

Ask Mr. Sugar: Want the male perspective? Send in all your groom/groom-to-be related questions, gripes…etc to mrsugar@sugarweddings.com. And our ever wise "Mr. Sugar" will answer your questions a week at a time.

As always we’re looking for writers and wedding features, please subscribe to our contributor mailing list for more information.

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