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Crush Alert: 6 Feelings You Can’t Fake

Are you in denial about having a crush, even with the butterflies in your stomach? Here are six feelings you can’t fake; they will sell you out to the whole world that you have a crush:

Thinking about him
You definitely have feelings for a guy when you find yourself thinking about him while you’re cutting onions, typing an email or even at church!

Feeling funny when other women are around him
Do you feel some kind of negative vibe towards other women that talk to this guy? A vibe that makes you feel a tinge of jealousy because you are not sharing in the conversation or hoping that you are the only girl he would talk to? This guy is definitely your crush.

Nerves and excitement
If you feel nervous and are at a loss for words when you speak to him but are still excited at the fact that you can smell his perfume and stare into his brown eyes at such a close distance, then you are in crush wonderland.

Wanting to look more presentable
You can’t fake the urge to give yourself a mini makeover to be the ‘girl next door’ just for this guy. You find yourself wanting to look cleaner and more presentable around him; hair and nails with light makeup and a new set of clothing are how it starts.

Change in your demeanour
If you’re a tomboy and you find yourself wanting to appear more feminine, a conscious effort will be made to walk the walk and talk the talk. Composure, smiles and calmness will become your allies.

The urge to talk about him with your friends
When you start dropping a few lines to your friends about how a guy is so funny, telling them what he likes or simply mentioning that you spoke is a sign that you have some interest in him.

Surely if you display some of these emotions and peculiar attitudes towards a certain guy, then he’s definitely your crush. Don’t deny it, just accept it. Who knows, it may just be a match waiting to happen!

Photo Credit: Girls' Trip extract from variety.com

Written by Feso Adeniji