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Bride to Wife; How To Enjoy Going From Miss to Mrs

Don't get it twisted the change from being a girlfriend to being a wife is drastic. The responsibilities are enormous, but in all of this, you can enjoy yourself while transitioning into a wifey like a pro. Here are seven tips you should keep close to your heart as you take the new title; 
Be realistic about your expectations
Don't expect that your husband will make breakfast in bed every morning….. Nah this only happens once in a while. Understand there will be days you will argue and have disagreements, this is all part of the journey to discovering each other. 
Buy all the kitchen and house equipment you may need
Your bouquet seems like the only thing that matters now, wait till you're stuck with no grater in the kitchen. Write a list of all the things you'll need in the kitchen and house (if your finance doesn't have this already) and ensure you get them before you move in; you could get a trusted family member to buy them for you while you're on honeymoon.
Learn to cook or at least have a plan around feeding
You're not going to be going to fancy restaurants all day, and the sooner, the better you realize this. Learn to cook and if cooking is not your thing get a caterer to cook bowls of soups that you can stock in the freezer. Whatever you do, make sure you both don't starve.
Be Patient with your sex life
If you were virgins before marrying or not well experienced, you might need to take it slowly. Don't be disappointed if the first few experiences are not what you hoped for. Tell yourself and your partner that practice will make you better.
Learn to laugh at Yourself
In other words, don't be too hard on yourself. Your first try at 'moi-moi' may be horrible, or you can't just find the will to clean up the house. Understand that you will get better and so don't feel guilty.
Don't cut out your old friends
Well, this is one mistake many brides make, not intentionally, though. It's easy to get carried away with all the many things you must do and forget your girlfriends, but these special people add a spark to your life that even your husband can't. Tag your friends on some funny pictures and catch up on those old gists, it'll sure make you feel good.
Expect the best
Don't listen to all the marriages that are crumbling after a few months or the rising cases of infertility. Expect the best, expect to be happy, expect your story to end thus ‘And they Lived Happily ever After'!
Photo Credit: NAIJ.com
Written by SWP editor