8 Simple Steps to Plan an Engagement Party

A lot of people in this part of the world don’t throw engagement parties because they focus on having the traditional introduction ceremony where the families of the couple meet formally at the bride’s home. Engagement parties may be of Western flavour, but they are fun and present a chance to bond with your nearest and dearest who would not have otherwise attended your introduction ceremony. Engagement parties can be intimate with a few people or larger with the whole bridal train, family and a few co-workers.
Here are eight simple steps you need to plan an engagement party:

Make A Guestlist
Remember that this is not your actual wedding, so you are not expected to invite all wedding guests to this party! Keep it simple with everyone on the bridal train, a few members of your family and just a few close friends.

Draw out a Budget
Take into consideration how much extra money you can spend on this party in addition to the other costs you have budgeted for your wedding wardrobe, ceremonies, planning and entertainment.

Confirm a Date and Venue
Pick a date that’s convenient for most people; most people have an engagement party not too long after they are engaged or merge their engagement party with their rehearsal dinner to have a two-in-one ceremony. The number of guests you invite will determine the venue that is most suitable, whether indoors or outdoors.

Decide on Entertainment
Is this going to be an elaborate three-course dinner party with wine or will you decide to cater with small bites and cocktails?

Mode of Invitation
E-invites are always cheaper but having designed invitations may match the party’s theme and will leave your guests expectant.

Pick a Theme
This is a chance for your personality to be displayed; decide on a barbeque style party or an elegant evening with champagne and chandeliers. Your theme ultimately determines whether your party will be in a garden or a rented hall.

Plan Activities
Fun games that will make an intimate party inclusive will set the tone for your wedding ceremony especially if you are trying to get the bridal train to bond. Having a Salsa mixer or a belly dancer to woo the guests and teach them some moves will be a great ice-breaker.

It’s time to get your party on with your future spouse and guests.
This is proof that you can make your engagement party as simple or as grand as you would like it to be. Make sure you have fun before the cold feet kick in!

Photo Credit: pinimg.com

Written by Feso Adeniji