6 Things Young Nigerian Brides Need to Know about Marriage

Planning a wedding is a serious business that requires a special ability to bring ideas and thoughts to reality. Kudos to wedding planners out there! However, the planning that had gone on for months end in about 48 hours. Afterward the reality of marriage sets in for the couple. Every lady plans towards her wedding day, but very few plans for the marriage. These are six things all brides need to know about marriage.

1. Love is not enough

Yes, love is needed for every marriage but to sustain the marriage you need more than love. You need deep respect for each other, trust, understanding and many other good virtues to sustain a marriage.

2. Meddling in-laws will test your marriage

By now you should know that in Nigeria there is always an in-law factor somewhere. In-laws are always there somehow, and sometimes they try to meddle in you and your husband's affair.
To go about this successfully, you and your husband need to set a boundary for in-laws and stick to it together as one.

3. Be ready to compromise

Hello bride, in marriage you don’t have to win an argument. You have to learn how to give in a little to what your spouse want. Both of you are from two different backgrounds, and this has a way of reflecting in your interest and how you do things. So learn to compromise.

4. Communication

This is very vital in marriage. You must communicate as much as possible. Let your spouse know about how you feel about every single thing. Communication will help him know what and what you like and how he should go about them.
Once there is a break in communication, it affects everything.

5. Patience

I know you might have heard that patience is needed in marriage. Well, that's the absolute truth! It takes time to adjust to somethings in marriage. So be patient and don’t be in a hurry and always remember Rome was not built in a day.

6. Adjustment does not come easy

You may have read books about marriage, and you feel you are very prepared and ready. Well, that's fantastic, but it's beyond theories because when reality checks, it will take a woman fully ready body, mind and soul and who has a willing heart to make her union work. So when the "expected" surprises start showing up, don’t fight yourself, or feel you've made a mistake getting married, just press your perseverance button.

Marriage is a lot of work, but it can also be so much fun. Learn to infuse fun activities into your marriage and enjoy life with your hubby!

Written by Temitope Ikusika