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6 Marriage Proposal Ruiners To Avoid

As a woman, sometimes you can tell if something fishy is going on with your lover because of his incessant actions and evident uneasiness. Chances are that he’s planning something out of the ordinary and you could potentially offset his plan through your words, actions or lack of it.
Here are six ways through which you could potentially ruin your significant other’s marriage proposal:

A dream wedding ring
Taking pictures of your dream wedding ring and showing it to your boyfriend may be counterproductive to your engagement as he may not be able to afford the huge rock a celeb as Ciara got from husband, Russel Wilson. There’s nothing wrong in upgrading a ring a few years into your marriage when it can be afforded.

Promptings from family and friends
Discourage your close friends and family from overburdening your boo with too many questions as to when and how he’s planning to propose to you. Your parents have the right to ask questions to decipher if marriage is part of his relationship goal, but their inquiry should not turn into urgent promptings.

Too much baby talk
You love babies, and he probably loves them too but expressing your willingness to have a child every couple of days may scare your lover into a place of oblivion, lengthening the time till your engagement.

Fantasising about the moment
Try not to be too vocal about how exactly you want to be proposed to. Most of the time, it will happen in the best way he thinks you would love it and not by a way you may have expressed in the past. You may end up disappointing yourself if you focus on a preferred proposal as opposed to the big step your significant other has taken in the relationship.

More interest in marriage over marrying him
If your actions or words tell him that you just can’t wait to get married rather than your eagerness to marry him, that ring may become a fragment of your imagination in the near future.

Searching for a ring
Do not ruin the surprise by searching his phone, room and tracking his expenses to discover a ring. Have in mind that if its meant to be, the proposal will come at the right time and not because he’s under pressure from you discovering the surprise.

Are you married already and were you guilty of any of the proposal ruiners written above? Share your personal stories and encourage a friend today!

Photo Credit: ytimg.com

Written by Feso Adeniji