5 Questions To Ask Your Makeup Artist

It’s once in a lifetime and your makeup is a major affair because it’s your wedding day! You want to look as beautiful as possible on this big day. Do you want to look back at those pictures and show your kids how beautiful their momma was on her big day? Then you have to get your make-up right. As much as you are trying to cut costs, do not compromise on getting good makeup. You should only pick your make-up artist based on references from other people and his/her work. Here are five (5) questions that will help narrow down your make-up artist choices.

  1. Do you specialise in wedding make-up? You can also ask how many brides she has worked on and how long she has been doing this.
    Tip: Bridal Makeup is a lot different from photography, runway or everyday makeup. The make-up artist should be accustomed to making up a bride and also have an understanding of how the wedding day schedule goes.
  2. How do I make a booking? Do you require a deposit? What about terms of the contract?
    Tip; understand what the artist requires to secure your date on her book. Sometimes the deposit will be nominal, but most will require 25 – 50% of the total package of services. And be sure to get it all in writing, with receipts for each payment (no stories!)
  3. Do you offer trial makeup? It’s always a good idea to have a glimpse of how you will look on your big day (and to know if you have to run from this makeup artist!). It also allows the make-up artist understand what works for your face. Ensure you ask if this will come with an extra charge.
    Tip: don’t waste the free trial (If it is free) get your makeup artist to do the free trial on your introduction day or for your pre- wedding shoot.
  4. What products and brands do you use? Ask for the main makeup she will be using on you; many makeup artists mix various products, but there’s always the main one.

    Tip; Make sure they’re brand names you recognise as being good and are not allergic to. If you have sensitive skin and your makeup artist recommends something new, have a patch test done on a small part of your face and see how it works.

  5. How long will she/he need to do your makeup? Timing should also include tying of 'gele'.
    Tip; if your makeup artist can’t give you a time frame or if she takes over an hour per person then that’s a long time to be sitting in a chair! You might want to reconsider.
  6. Do you have a connection with your makeup artist? This question is actually for you the bride! You have to be comfortable around your make-up artist, ensure she’s not bossy, rude or proud.
    Tip; you don’t have to use a make-up artist if you don’t like him/her. A lot of things might get you upset that day; you don’t need a make-up artist that is rude or has an attitude.

Photo Credit: Instagram / @mamzabeauty

Written by Loye Motunrayo