2017 Squad Goals For Dapper Grooms

Gone are the days when the wedding spotlight was all on the bride and bride's maids. Not anymore! The groom and his groomsmen have taken over in recent years, even stealing the show with their style, humour, dance and general wedding shenanigans; major squad goals for sure!
It’s an awesome sight when a groom has his boys with him, looking dapper and supportive as he takes that bold step into marriage. Here are some inspiration on how you and your squad can look the part and have fun at your wedding.

The Colour Squad

You and your squad can finally reflect your wedding colours too. Any colour of shirt can be worn tastefully in your suits, or if you’re not as daring, you can use them in smaller details like your boutonnieres, bowties, pocket squares and socks.

Photo Credit:pinterest.com/search/stylish-groomsmen

The Comic Squad

That’s right, she put a ring on it! We love this shot. It’s so hilarious it went viral when it came out. Not every time bride showing off her ring; you’re getting hitched too so flaunt it and show your boys the way.

Photo credit:dash productions via omgvoice.com

The Agbada Squad

A group of men in Agbada always gets so much social media attention. Some women tag them “Yoruba Demons” aka Heartbreakers but don’t worry; it’s just a reaction to the adrenalin rush from seeing guys looking so irresistible. Get your squad ready and continue to tension them! Bonus: wifey wouldn’t be able to keep her hands off you.

Photo credit: Instagram/@libraneyephotography.com

The Praying Squad

Movies would have us believe that the groom and his groomsmen are always up to no good: excessive drinking and strippers. We know that’s not always the case. A lot of men are responsible and know what serious business marriage is. We are touched by this praying squad. Amen brothers.

Photo credit:www.alakija.com

The Uniformed Squad

Ever heard that saying about a man in uniform? A squad of them is on a whole new level of dapper. This police squad is major 2017 goals. If you’re a uniformed man, you and your fellows could recreate this pose.

Photo credit: www.danfoley.co.uk 


The Dancing Squad

Let loose and celebrate! There is a time to be serious and a time to dance, and your wedding party is definitely a time to leave it all on the dance floor. A special moment like this with your guys is important, and it is beautiful to watch.

Photo credit: www.projectduo.com

The Squad with the Little Guy

Pick a little boy as one of the groomsmen and see how he steals everyone’s heart away. They are usually very cute in a grown man’s outfit. How adorable is this cutie in his kilt?

Photo credit: kopkoimages.com

Written by Sandra N.U.