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12 Weird Wedding Facts

We all love weddings, and this explains why weddings are well celebrated around the world. Each wedding ceremony is different depending on the customs and traditions that apply.
Therefore what each custom and tradition demands may appear weird to different people around the world. Here are some weird wedding facts that will leave your jaw dropped! 
1.    Do you know in Mauritania, a full-bodied lady is said to be a sign of good luck and prosperity in a marriage? This is the reason most of the Mauritian women are often force-fed to become fatter for their wedding. Isn't this interesting?!
2.    People in some part of this world believe a pearl engagement ring is a sign of bad luck because its shape resembles tears. hmmm...Mr. About-To-Propose, know your partner well before you get her an engagement ring to avoid a "NO" just in case she belongs to this school of thought. 
3.    The Egyptian men felt it distasteful to deflower their new brides. So they assign a hired servant to do it. Hahaha!
4.    The longest marriage ever recorded was between Temulji Nariman and Lady Nariman. They were married for 86 years.
5.    The Sharo tradition practiced by the Fulani people states that the groom must be flogged and must endure it. He must not cry or show any sign of pain. If he endures the pain till the end, the wedding will continue.
6.    The longest wedding dress has a length of 515 feet. It was found in Germany. Say what!
7.    Ancient Romans studied pigs because they believed it helps to determine the luckiest time to marry.
8.    Do you know World Marriage Day is celebrated every second Sunday in February every year? 
9.    The Tujia people in China has a tradition which states that the bride-to-be is required to weep for one hour a day, for one month before the wedding. Also, Women in the bride's family are encouraged to weep along with her.
10.    In Niger, men are to dress in elaborate costumes and perform . When the performance is over, the women get to choose the man they like best to marry.
11.    A large percentage of Russians choose to be married at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Moscow. This is an average display of somberness and seriousness
12.    In South Korea, there is a traditional custom that says a groom should have his feet beaten with fish the night before his wedding.  This act is to prove the strength of character.

Photo Credit: imgur.com

Written by Temitope Ikusika