10 Popular Wedding Trends That Are Here To Stay

Every girl dreams of a sun fun filled big day with their friends and family making a big deal of every details, from the gown, to bridesmaid cute dresses, venue, music color choice, to mention but a few. It’s not always about the size of the details that matter but the uniqueness. This is what brings out the x factor in every wedding. In the quest for this uniqueness there are trends that have come up that are not going away anytime soon

  1. Adding the African touch to the gown: The all white gown is here to stay but even better is the in cooperation of the African print, this adds color and vibrance to the overall look. Works better if you throw in African themed accessories too.

  2. Color blocking: When it comes to color it’s never too much if you use four different colors or too subtle if you work with one, at the end of the day it’s how well they blend. Use of different colors brings out the much need warmth.

  3. Gown back detail: the back of the gown has become equally mind blowing as more and people discover this underutilized area. From open, to low cuts or all lace there are more than enough designs to choose from.

  4. Different maids, different colors: Also known as mismatching. Traditionally all the bride maids wore matching everything and we couldn’t avoid listening to brides’ maids go on and on how they didn’t like a particular style… till variety became an option. This trend allows the maids to pick what they prefer without necessarily interfering with the main theme. That way, everyone is happy.

  5. Labeled/ matching pajamas:  No really paid attention to what happened the night before the wedding till pictures of the bridal party dotting matching outfits for the night surfaced. The night before has just become as eye catching as the d-day and spicing it up a little with this trend won’t really hurt.

  6. Photography… morning of the wedding shot: Despite the jitters and excitement, the bride can afford to pose and smile before the wedding; you can even go crazy and have an entire photo shoot.

  7. Clutch instead of flowers:  Beauty without convenience in a wedding is paramount, and nothing gives it more than the clutch. No more to worrying about where to keep your pocket tissue and the sorts with the clutch.

  8. Braided hair: As much as relaxed hair might look dashing on the wedding day, most o the hair styles becomes hard to maintain the day after the wedding, cute braids go a long way in saving you this trouble.

  9. Traditional food: Njahi (Kenyan black beans) and arrow roots, cassava  may sound so outdated in the local dialect, but it might just be what you need to bring the African taste to your wedding.

  10. Social media craze: From facebook pages, to whatsapp groups and twitter hash tags, there so no better way to share you happiest moments with the whole world especially if you are a social media junkie.                 

Written by Tracee Olga